Step by Step (TV series)

A strong family (Original Title: Step by Step ) is an American sitcom that aired between 1991 and 1998 by the broadcasters ABC and CBS and in seven seasons pointed out the life of a stepfamily.


The divorced craftsman Frank Lambert (Patrick Duffy ) learns the widowed hairdresser Carol Foster ( Suzanne Somers ) know and love. The couple married secretly and then decided to settle together in Port Washington, Wisconsin. The only problem the two are both the children of Frank, Jonathan Thomas ( " JT " ), Alicia ( " Al " ) and Brendan, as well as the three offspring of Carol, Dana, Karen and Mark, which at the first meeting immediately get into the hair and hardly show understand that their parents are suddenly newly married.

Only slowly manages the two families lay their aversion and close friendship with each other. However, for additional chaos makes Frank's crazy but cute nephew Cody ( Sasha Mitchell), who lives in a van in the driveway of the family and believes to have found his true love Dana. JT's buddy Rich also comes after some time in the broadcast. He and Dana come together through Dana's tuition for Rich.


Over the seven seasons produced the series went through a number of conversions and new appointments:

The roles of Ivy ( Peggy Rea ) and Penny Baker ( Patrika Darbo ), Carol's mother and sister have been deleted due to lack of audience interest after only one season of the screenplays; Brendan Lambert ( Josh Byrne ), the youngest member of the family, in particular, appeared increasingly rare after the birth of daughter Lilly (Emily Mae Young) and disappeared after the end of the sixth season also without explanation of the scene. Nephew Cody left Port Washington in 1996 to travel the world ( due to allegations his wife, who sued him for domestic violence, Starring Sasha Mitchell was forced to have to leave the series in the same year, however, the allegations were based on a lie. ); his absence, the authors tried with Dana's fiance later Rich Halke (Jason Marsden ), JT's new girlfriend Samantha Milano (Alexandra Adi ) and Carol's new counterpart Jean- Luc ( Bronson Pinchot ) to fill. After only one season, however, the producers decided to take the role of hairstylists from the series out.

Following a restructuring of the program on Friday evening in 1997 finally joined a strong family (besides all under one roof ), despite steadily declining ratings for partner CBS. Although the transmitter tried with a guest appearance of the popular character Cody ( towards the end of the seventh and final season ) to bind its audience itself, the odds quickly fell into a bottomless pit. The sitcom ended as a result, in July 1998.


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  • The series shares a universe series with a number of other NBC sitcoms. So had all under one roof - protagonist Steve Urkel ( Jaleel White ), two guest appearances in the series ( Season 1, Episode 2: The dance ball, Season 7, Episode 2: The road to fame) and Staci Keanan was as Dana Foster in The Life and I see ( Season 3, episode 21: the happiest place in the world ). In another episode, John Stamos ( Jesse from Full House ) was a guest, but played itself
  • Large parts of the scenes were simultaneously used for both all under one roof as well as for the production of the sitcom The Hogan clan.
  • When Patrick Duffy returned to Dallas in 1986, he allowed himself to assure the production of another series. After the soap you were so contracted it to create a new series exclusively for Duffy. From the first ideas finally the later context in a strong family evolved with time.
  • Sasha Mitchell came short term to continue the occupation and therefore first appeared in the fourth episode of the series.
  • Christopher Castile was initially intended only as a second occupation of Mark Foster. Although the original young actors never stood for official shots before the camera, he was seen in the opening credits of the first season.
  • The opener for the series was filmed at the amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles, California.
  • According to the opening credits of the first squadrons is, a story editor "Rich Halke " under this name is later, the new friend of JT appear.