Sveg is a place ( tätort ) in the Swedish province of Jämtland County, the historic province Härjedalen.


Sveg is the capital of the municipality Härjedalen. The town, located on the street 45 ( Inlandsvägen ) on Riksväg 84, on the Inland Railway and the river Ljusnan. Sveg is 128 km in a straight line south of Östersund, on the road or by train it is about 180 km. Above and below Sveg are barrages of Ljusnan.


The name Sveg been known since the 1270s as Thingplace. Origin of the name could be a bend in the river Ljusnan in Sveg be (Icelandic sveigr, bending). By the end of the 19th century Sveg was primarily an ecclesiastical center and a center of jurisdiction. Through the establishment of large timber companies and by connecting to the railroad to Orsa, Brunflo and Hede Sveg became the capital of the surrounding areas.


  • Ulrika Bergman and Anna Le Moine, Swedish curler inside
  • Henning Mankell, Swedish writer ( raised in Sveg )
  • Anna Carin Olofsson, Swedish biathlete

Sveg in the literature

Henning Mankell's novel The Return of the Dancing Master plays largely in Sveg. An important role in this novel is the combined rail and road bridge in front of Sveg. In honor Mankell's the bridge received in 2006 the name " Mankellbron ".


The Church in Sveg