Szlichtyngowa [ ʃlixtɨŋgɔva ] ( German Schlichting home ) is a town of 1,300 inhabitants in the powiat Wschowski, Lubusz Voivodeship in Poland. It is located halfway between Glogów ( Glogau ) and Leszno ( Lissa ) and 2 km north of the mouth of Bartsch ( Barycz ) in the Oder.


Schlichting home was a settlement of Protestant exiles who had fled during the recatholicization Silesia during the Thirty Years War to Poland. 1.5 km from the border, in Greater Poland, founded by the owners of the manor Gurschen ( Gorczyna ), Johann Georg von Schlichting (Polish Jerzy Szlichtyng ), with permission of the Polish king Władysław IV Vasa in 1644 a city that got its name. The original name of the settlement was Schlichtinkowo, however, the German name was as commonplace. Schlichting defined the civil rights as well as the statutes of the guilds of different crafts. The city was built around a rectangular square with regular streets and originally occupied a surface of 14 hectares. 1653 Schlichting home was given by King John II Casimir the Niederlagsprivileg for canvas and canvas products. 1793 reached the city to Prussia, in 1806 she came to the Duchy of Warsaw in 1815 and ultimately back to Prussia. Until the dissolution of the province of Posen, the belonging to county Fraustadt small town of this province belonged to. Belonging in due course to the border province of Posen - West Prussia, Schlichting came home to October 1, 1938 the province of Silesia.

Since 1906, the city was connected to the railway network, the route of Glogau to Guhrau led over Schlichting home. Schlichting home was a city of the craft, which remained small and tranquil. Its inhabitants were almost exclusively German. Until 1927 a town hall was built in Schlichting home. The historic, formerly Protestant, now Catholic wooden church, which dated from the founding of the city, burned down on 14 April 1995. The end of 2002 was to build a new church, inspired in its design to the previous building, completed.


Municipality ( gmina Szlichtyngowa )

The urban and rural community Szlichtyngowa covers a territory of 100 km ² with a population of 5,161. This includes the following localities ( German name until 1945):

  • Dryżyna ( Attendorf )
  • Gola ( Guhlau )
  • Jędrzychowice ( Heyersdorf )
  • Kowalewo (cable)
  • Nowe Drzewice ( New Driebnitz )
  • Stare Drzewice (Alt Driebnitz )
  • Szlichtyngowa ( Schlichting Home )
  • Wyszanów ( Schwusen )
  • Zamysłów ( Hinzdorf )