T'Pau (band)

T'Pau is a British pop band in the 1980s and 1990s, in Your Hand in Europe and the United States had successes with with their hit China. The band's name is the TV series Star Trek borrowed, in a high-level volcanic priestess bore this name.

Band History

The band originally consisted of musicians Carol Decker ( born September 10, 1957 in London), Ronnie Rogers ( born March 13, 1959 in Shrewsbury ), Michael Chetwood ( born August 26, 1954 in Telford ), Paul Jackson ( born August 8, 1961 in Telford ), Tim Burgess ( born October 6, 1961 in Macclesfield, near Manchester ) and Taj Wyzgowski. After the first album, the latter left the band and was replaced by Dean Howard ( born May 7, 1961 in Greenwich / London).

The pieces of the first three studio albums are original compositions, mostly shared by Carol Decker and Ronnie Rogers.

After the album The Promise, the band fell apart, Carol Decker launched a solo career. In 1998, she founded T'Pau with new musicians again, walked among others as support for the status quo in Germany and England on tour, but also played headlining two sold out shows in Germany, 1998 and 1999 in the northern Hessian Frankenberg. Today, Carol Decker occurs with changing musicians as T'Pau on, inter alia, in the UK Here- and- Now Concert Series, she has returned together with other sizes of the eighties like Kim Wilde and Belinda Carlisle on the big stages. For the 25th band anniversary, the mother of two has published in 2011 together with her former bandmates Ron Rogers under the title The Story Behind the tracks of a DVD retrospective including demo CD of the songs of their debut album Bridge of Spies.