Tauride Palace

The Tauride Palace (Russian Таврический дворец / Tawritscheski Dworez ) is a palace in Saint Petersburg in Russia.


The palace was built by Ivan Starov 1783-1789 by order of Catherine the Great. So you gifted her lover Grigory Potemkin, epithet Tawritscheski ( = "The Tauri " ), who had helped her, her husband Peter III. to overthrow.

Catherine's son Paul I bought it after Potjomkins death and transformed it into barracks for the Guard Cavalry Regiment. Her grandson Alexander I had it restored under Luigi Rusca again as a residence.

After the February Revolution of 1917 it was the seat of the Petersburg Soviet and the State Duma under the Provisional Government. The palace was mapped to the notes of the Republic, the " Kerenki ".

After the October Revolution, it served as the venue for the resolution of Red Guards Russian Constituent Assembly. In May 1918 it held the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Russia from its 7th Congress on which they renamed to the RCP ( B).

Until 1990, the palace was higher Party School of the Communist Party of Leningrad. Today it is a government building in the uliza Schpalernaja 47, which is used for conventions and exhibitions. The meeting room used since 1990, the Commonwealth of Independent States Inter-Parliamentary Assembly.

Buildings and equipment

The building is built in the classical style with sechssäuligem portico on the central axis. It is a rotunda with a flat dome. The side wings complete with pavilions. The Palais has a landscape park with hills, ponds and streams.

The organ was built by the organ builder Gerhard Grenzing (El Papiol, Spain), 2011. The instrument has 23 stops on two manuals and pedal. The tracker action are mechanical.

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