Tempest (keelboat)

The Tempest is a very sporty 2-man sailboat with retractable keel, trapeze and spinnaker. In spite of the keel it behaves very similar dinghy. Their design is based on a capsize right back.

1972 sparked the Tempest the Star boat as Olympic class from, but was already after 1976 displaced again by the Star boat because of its wider circulation and its very strong class organization of the Olympic status.

The Tempest is a very durable boat. Thus, nor the sail numbers to find 1-10 on Austrian lakes. Previously, the Tempest was produced only in Germany at the shipyard Mader. For several years, the Tempest in France is built in " Boatique diffusion " in Montrouge. Martinique in 2006 after the Austrian territory Attersee 2005 hosted the World Cup.


  • The prototype was designed by Ian Proctor
  • In 1965 he won in Medemblik (The Netherlands ) so superior to 13 other competitors with 8 of 9 races won ( in the race he had not gained, in the lead, because of a rudder ad break ). In addition a final race he was loaded with sandbags to test the dependence on the crew weight, and won the race anyway.
  • In 1965, the Tempest was international class
  • 1968 Olympic Class,
  • 1972 Participation of the Tempest at the Olympic Games before Kiel, Germany,
  • 1976 Olympic Games in front of Kingston ( Canada ),
  • Lost 1976 Olympic status to the Star boat.