The Wild One

  • Marlon Brando: Harry Strabler
  • Mary Murphy: Kathie Bleeker
  • Robert Keith: Harry Bleeker
  • Lee Marvin: Chino
  • Ray Teal: Frank Bleeker
  • Jay C. Flippen: Stew Singer
  • Hugh Sanders: Charlie Thomas
  • Yvonne Doughty: Britches

The Wild ( Original title: The Wild One ) is an American feature film from 1953 directed by László Benedek. The main role was played by Marlon Brando in the role of the leader of a motorcycle gang to an idol of the " beatniks " was. The financially successful film had great influence on the youth culture of the 1950s.

The plot is based on the short story Cyclist Raid by Frank Rooney that was published in 1951 in Harper 's Magazine. This in turn was based on a report from Life magazine, described the riots in Hollister, California, during a motorcycle event in July 1947. The film was created under the aegis of producer Stanley Kramer and Columbia Pictures from a screenplay by John Paxton and Ben Maddow. The film had on December 30, 1953, he arrived in New York premiere, in West German cinemas on 14 January 1955. In the UK, its public performance until 1968 remained prohibited. In Germany, this film then takes place " yobs riots " was made ​​responsible.


The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club under their leader Johnny Strabler attended a motorcycle race. There, the rockers come with the event staff together and steal the trophy for second place. The police sent them away, continue to the town of Wrightsville, in which Johnny is known, but where their arrival caused quite a stir. A swept on the road motorcycle racing caused a car accident, after which the local policeman Harry Bleeker tries to mediate between the applied motorists and the Rockers. Among the onlookers is Kathie Bleeker, daughter of the policeman and a waitress in a cafe. Johnny goes to her to the cafe and tries to flirt with her. Meanwhile takes the B.R.M.C. the main road and the bar in fitting, holds driving course, laughs at young women and drinking alcohol, which is joyfully received by the bar owner. The policeman tried to take a friendly relationship with Johnny, but is rejected by the latter.

The passage of the Beetles arrived in the city. Their leader Chino steals the trophy from Johnny and comes down to the main road to war of words and finally to the brawl between the two remains to be victorious at the Johnny. The officer may not also intervene at the urging of city dwellers. As a car honking drives off the bunch and a Beetle clips, pull the rocker the driver, Charlie Thomas, out of the car and try the vehicle to tip over. As the policeman intervenes and tries again to mediate between the rockers and the motorists. Finally, under pressure from the citizens he takes Chino fixed. Johnny intervenes and demands the release of chinos. But on the condition of the police that all the rockers have left the city, he is not one. Johnny goes back to the cafe, where he also Kathie tells him to leave the city.

It has become night. Both gangs lurking on the road. Bleeker will call the sheriff for help, but the rockers storm the telephone and put the link for the whole city lame. They penetrate into prison and want to Chino free, but this can not be awakened, so they leave him and lock Charlie Thomas to him in the cell. The bar is now gone high, the bar owner grows the situation over the head. Johnny searches Kathie who was sent by the bar owner to her father to get help. Meanwhile, rescue some citizens of the city of Charlie Thomas from jail, the cell can open and go, what Chino wakes up and goes also. The Rocker plunder a beauty salon and harass Kathie. She runs off, pursued and placed on motorcycles. When Johnny comes to the scene, she gets him on the motorcycle. You go out of town and stopped at a secluded spot. After a brief conversation Kathie runs away crying and Harry goes to her and asks what's going on. Kathie slaps him.

Meanwhile, the situation in the city has escalated further. Johnny says to Chino, they should better leave the city. A vigilante who wants to keep order, Johnny pulls from the motorcycle and kidnapped him. Kathie observed the process runs to her father and asks him for help. But says he can not help it. The kidnappers beat up Johnny. Unexpectedly, the policeman comes along with his Kathie and he commanded the men to stop. Johnny flees the scene and can reach his motorcycle. An angry armed with clubs quantity pursued and pelted Johnny. A projectile hits him and throws him off the bike that bounces abandoned in an older man, whereupon he dies. The mob pounces on Johnny, but then meets Sheriff Singer and his men and arrested him. He is blamed for the death of the man, but the testimony of the bar owner relieved him. The Sheriff Johnny speaks to the conscience and lets him go. He orders the rockers to get out of his County. Johnny puts a stop in a café, drinking a coffee, Kathie is the trophy back, smiles at her shyly and goes.


Marlon Brando's portrayal of Johnny Strabler with black motorcycle leather jacket, jeans and a Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle had exemplary character among the youth of the 1950s. Criminal acts, riots and riots were also the mode of action of this film attributed and UK performances were banned. The Catholic filmdienst confessed to the strip, although that would be warned of hooliganism, but was being concerned that it could be emulated by the youth.

Gerhard Bronner parody song The semi-savages, that in the interpretation of Helmut Qualtinger with the frequently cited sentence "I Wass net where I hinfahr, but I 'm there faster " became famous, explicitly refers to Marlon Brando's role in The Wild One.