Three Loves Has Nancy

Three Loves Has Nancy is an American film directed by Richard Thorpe in 1938 with Janet Gaynor, Robert Montgomery and Franchot Tone in the lead roles. Immediately after completion of filming married Janet Gaynor Gilbert Adrian and retired into private life.


Malcolm Niles, a well-known New Yorker writer and Playboy, looking forward to a romantic evening with actress Vivian Herford, as their mother interferes with the gathering and asked about marriage and children talking. Malcolm is far from ready for a marriage breaks down and head over to a nationwide reading from his latest novel on. His friend and publisher Robert Hansen accompanied him. In a small town in the deep south the two meet Nancy Briggs. The young woman is about to marry George Wilkins Jr. It so happens that Nancy finds herself a few days later at the door of Malcolm's apartment. Because she has no money for a hotel, Malcolm Nancy can stay with him. Strictly platonic of course. Both fall in love, but before they end up at the altar, Nancy still has the advances of two other suitors, including Robert, ward and applies to Vivien, the old claims on Malcolm rises to hook up with Robert.


Janet Gaynor won the first Academy Awards ceremony on the Academy Award for Best Actress. Between 1927 and 1934 she made with Charles Farrell the most popular on-screen couple of times and turned with him 12 films. Gaynor was until the advent of Shirley Temple 's biggest star of the Fox Film Corporation. However, their popularity since the mid- decade declining rapidly since the emergence of the 20th Century Fox In May 1935 Gaynor was in constant dispute with studio chief Darryl F. Zanuck. The end of 1936 the actress terminating their existing contract and decided to work in the future as a " free lancer " without solid commitment Studio. Gaynor managed with a star goes on 1937 comeback and her future as a top star seemed assured. The success of the film allowed her to enter into a contract with David O. Selznick on two films for a fee of U.S. $ 137,000 each. Immediately after the shooting of Three Loves Has Nancy the actress moved to the surprise of all complete back of the canvas. She married Gilbert Adrian, the chief costume designer for MGM and even renounced the role of Melanie Hamilton in Gone with the Wind, which Selznick offered her.

The actress was the obligation of Three Loves Has Nancy under a loan- out from MGM by David O. Selznick. The studio paid under the agreement the amount that Selznick had to pay a fee to Gaynor.


The reviews were very friendly and praised both the script and the actress.

In The New York Times, there were words of appreciation:

" Good, clean entertainment with many lively dialogues. Miss Gaynor is correspondingly mischievous and appealing. "

Variety, the leading industry publication went a step further in his praise

"That may not necessarily be the funniest movie of the year, but it's the craziest. "Three Loves Has Nancy " is a totally wild, very appealing Herumgetobe. "