Tim Hodgkinson

Tim Hodgkinson ( born May 1, 1949 in Salisbury ) is an English musician ( saxophone, clarinet, piano, guitar) and composer who is known one of the founders of the art-rock group Henry Cow and in the field of experimental rock and improvisation music.

Life and work

Hodgkinson grew up in Wiltshire and studied at Cambridge University Music Anthropology ( completion 1971). In 1968 he founded with Fred Frith, the group Henry Cow, which existed until 1979. After its dissolution he published in 1981 with Chris Cutler The Henry Cow Book.

In 1980 he founded together with guitarist Bill Gilonis, bassist Mick Hobbs and drummer Rick Wilson, the band The Work, initially to 1982 stock had ( and 1989 again revived ). Together with Catherine Jauniaux they took 1982 Slow Crimes on. With Gilonis he founded the independent label Woof Records, where this record was released. He also played with Momes or by Godd jazz -core project.

Together with the Scottish percussionist Ken Hyder, with whom he performed in a duo since 1978, he made from 1990 toured Siberia to explore shamanistische traditions. With the overtone singers from Tuva Gendo Chamzyryn they eventually formed the trio K -Space, which played in 1998 in Altay villages and since then there.

Even with Konk Pack plays Hodgkinson new improvised music; but him still include Cologne electronics Thomas Lehn and drummer Roger Turner to the project existing since 1997.

Hodgkinson has next submitted several solo albums, the partially improvised nature ( about Splutter 1986), but also include compositions by him, such as his String Quartet 1 for classical string quartet. His album Sketch of Now contains three compositions for the Romanian Hyperion Ensemble ( conducted by Iancu Dumitrescu in part ) and three compositions on which Hodgkinson himself can be heard on various instruments. He has also played with many other musicians, again and again with Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, but also with Lol Coxhill, Tom Cora, Lindsay Cooper, John Zorn, Evan Parker, Catherine Jauniaux and Dagmar Krause.

In other Hodgkinson has worked as a musicologist.

Disco Graphical Notes

  • Splutter (1985, LP, Woof Records)
  • Each in Our Own Thoughts (1994, CD, Woof Records)
  • Pragma (1998, CD, Recommended Records )
  • Sang (2000, CD, Recommended Records )
  • Sketch of Now (2006, CD, fashion)

With others

  • Fred Frith / Tim Hodgkinson Live Improvisations (1990, CD, Woof Records)
  • Konk Pack: Off Leash (2005, CD, Rough)
  • K- Space Bear Bones (2002, CD, Slam Records)

Books and articles

  • Ch Cutler, T. Hodgkinson The Henry Cow Book 1981
  • T. Hodgkinson: Improvised Music and Siberian Shamanism (1996 )