Titia Ex

Titia Ex ( born November 2, 1959 in Kerkrade ) is a Dutch artist who works with light installations, light sculptures and film. Their work is usually seen as conceptual art. She lives and works in Amsterdam. The German international broadcasting wave called her and four other European artists as " master of light ".


Titia Ex works with light in the broadest sense: Daylight, artificial light and various materials such as glass, neon and LEDs. She found international recognition with her Flower from the Universe. Her work The Waiting was the winner in the category "Landscape " for the People's Choice Awards 2013.

Selected Works

  • Journey to Jerusalem: Dance of the chairs with no people on the roof of Wegrestaurants in Apeldoorn (Netherlands).
  • The Walk: A light installation in the shape of a globe of Philips Color Kinetics developed. The artwork is inspired by Dante La Divina Commedia and the name of The Walk refers to Dante's journey into hell, in purgatory and finally into the sky.
  • Flower from the Universe: components include sensors, hand molded glass and clear LED light.


Some of her works have been presented at international exhibitions.

  • Light Festival, Jerusalem, Flower from the Universe
  • Kinetica Art Festival, London, Flower from the Universe
  • Glow -S Light Art Center, Eindhoven, The Walk
  • Water & Light Art Festival, Skinny Bridge, Amsterdam, Appears @ Amsterdam