TMA stands for:

  • T >> MA, a pseudonym of the singer Falco
  • Talcott Mountain Academy, a private school in Avon, Connecticut
  • Terminal Area, and Terminal Control Area, sector of air traffic control
  • T-Mobile Austria
  • Thomas Mann Archive at ETH Zurich
  • Thomas Morus Akademie Bensberg
  • Thermomechanical analysis, physical analysis method
  • Tissue microarray tissue cylinder on a molecular biological assay system
  • Trans Maldivian Airways, airline based in the Maldives
  • Trans Mediterranean Airways, airline based in Beirut
  • Transparent Media Adapter, flatbed scanner attachment for scanning slides
  • Henry Tift Myers Airport, the airport in Tifton, GA, United States ( IATA code )

TMA in chemistry:

  • Trimethoxyamphetamine, a psychedelic drug
  • Trimesic (English trimesic acid)
  • Trimethylarsine, organic metalloid
  • Trimethylamine, colorless flammable gas
  • Trimethylaluminum, organometallic compound in the atomic layer deposition

TM -A stands for:

  • Ahal Welaýaty, ISO -3166 -2 code of the Turkmen province

Tma called:

  • A tributary of the Volga River in Russia, see Tma (river)

Tma stands for:

  • "talent management agency " ( tma ), an artist marketing platform for musicians, actors and presenters

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