TMA Cargo

Beirut Airport

TMA Cargo, formerly Trans Mediterranean Airways, is a Lebanese cargo and former passenger airline based in Beirut and a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.


The airline was founded in 1953 with a cargo and passenger air service, but without a fixed timetable. First time in 1966 an office was opened in North America. The first jet aircraft, a Boeing 707- 320C freighter was geleased. From 1967 flew to the Far East. The fleet consisted now of two Douglas DC-4, six Douglas DC -6, two Canadair CL -44 and a Boeing 707- 320C.

In the 70s, the airline had claims to be temporarily the largest cargo airline network in the world. They bought in 1971 three Boeing 707-320 and a Boeing 747 TMA 1976 became the first cargo airline that flew around the world in both directions.

Between 1985 and 1986, the air traffic had to be interrupted because of the Lebanese Civil War.

With new capital TMA tried to return to its former greatness. In 1999, she was ranked acc. IATA list in the top five cargo aircraft company, what the workload was concerned.

TMA presented in February 2004, flight operations after the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority withdrew her because of security problems in the getting on in years Boeing 707 fleet the license. TMA was at that time owned by the Lebanese Air Investment Holding (99.9 %) and private investors.

There were reports in September 2005 that TMA had plans to renew its fleet by purchasing new aircraft. Up for the long haul Boeing 747- 200F should be worried, but in addition also medium-range and as a feeder and short-haul cargo planes. In other TMA was also planning to enter into the passenger charter business with 150 - seaters under the name TMA Leisure.

In 2010, the company was finally reinstated as a pure cargo airline with first an airplane.


TMA Cargo currently operates major hubs in freight transport in Europe and the Middle East, including Amsterdam and Riyadh.


As of August 2013 the fleet of TMA Cargo consists of two cargo aircraft: