Afriqiyah Airways

Tripoli International Airport

Afriqiyah Airways is a Libyan national airline based Tripoli and hub on the local Tripoli International Airport.


Afriqiyah Airways ( " Afriqiyah " is Arabic for Africa) was established in April 2001 and started its operations on 1 December 2001 with Boeing 737-400. She is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization and a subsidiary of the state-owned Libyan Afriqiyah Aviation Holding Company ( LAAHC ).

The first logo of Afriqiyah Airways to the date information 9.9.99, which was also found on the vertical stabilizers and on the engines of Afriqiyah aircraft, pointed to the initiative for the establishment of the new African Union ( AU) by the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi out. This began at the special summit of the Organization of African Unity ( OAU) on 9 September 1999 in Sirte in Libya. This contract should be the basis of a trans-national cooperation between African countries and an important milestone in the formation of a common African consciousness. Afriqiyah Airways thus saw himself as a pan-African airline.

In 2003, the fleet was completely converted to the machine manufacturer Airbus. In 2007, two new machines of the type Airbus A320 -200 were delivered to Afriqiyah Airways, which have replaced two leased aircraft. In September 2008, the first of the three newly ordered Airbus Airbus A319 -100 was delivered. This Afriqiyah Airways now has multiple machines in which each seat has in economy class on a built-in screen.

As a result of the civil war in Libya was imposed by the UN, a no-fly zone, which resulted in Afriqiyah Airways from summer 2011 until further notice could not perform more flights. At times, all machines of the Afriqiyah Airways were parked at different locations. In the course of the fighting, at least, an Airbus A320 -200 of the Company has been damaged at the airport, the Airbus A300 -600, which served as a government aircraft was completely destroyed. The end of 2011, the operations was first resumed on a small scale.

In April 2012, the civil aviation authorities in the European Union have expressed safety concerns with the Libyan Afriqiyah Airways and other airlines. To avoid inclusion in the list of banned EU air space, the state authorities have banned in Libya all Libyan airlines on their own until at least November 22, 2012 to air traffic in the European Union.

As part of the reforms, the Company received a new logo and corporate design.


Afriqiyah Airways joined before the start of the civil war in Libya to Tripoli International Airport with European, Asian and African destinations, including currently the only goal in the Germany Dusseldorf Airport. Other objectives were until then for example Kinshasa, Dubai, Lagos, Accra, Dhaka, Brussels and Milan.


As of March 2014, the fleet of Afriqiyah Airways consists of 15 aircraft with an average age of 4.5 years:


Afriqiyah Airways listed in its history an incident with fatalities:

  • On 12 May 2010, an Airbus A330 -200 Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771 from Johannesburg crashed on final approach coming few hundred meters before the runway threshold of the airport of Tripoli. Of the 93 passengers and 11 crew members survived only a nine year old boy.