Toi is as the name:

  • Roman Toi (* 1916), Estonian composer
  • Biblical king of Hamath
  • In Maori and other Polynesian languages ​​male surname
  • A city on the island nation of Niue in the South Pacific Ocean
  • Former city in Japan in Shizuoka Prefecture, merged in 2004 with other former cities Amagiyugashima, Nakaizu and Shuzenji in Tagata District to the new city Izu

TOI is as the name:

  • Indie band from the Philippines

TOI is an abbreviation for:

  • T -Online International AG
  • Times of India, largest English daily newspaper in India
  • Third -order intercept point, engl., See Intercept Point
  • Tissue oxygenation index, Eng. , A parameter of the near-infrared spectroscopy
  • Transfer of information, engl., In Business -Speak ( English expressions in the business world ) for the exchange of information between different business areas
  • The official title of Technical Inspector General

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