TV4 (Sweden)

TV4 is the largest private television channel in Sweden.

TV4 began in 1990 to send his program via satellite and received in 1992 the only private end license for analogue terrestrial television in Sweden. Since the switch-off of analogue terrestrial television station in October 2007 TV4 sends via DVB -T. Today TV4 is to receive additional information about the satellite Sirius and on the Swedish cable networks. Since the beginning of 1992, the terrestrial transmitting station has regional stations in the various Swedish provinces.

In 1994, TV4 became the largest TV channel in Sweden, this position but a few years later lost again to SVT. Today, TV4 and SVT1 roughly equal numbers of spectators.

As the transition to digital television has TV4 how many other TV stations, various new channels started. To exist today except TV4 TV4 also , TV400, TV4 Film, TV4 Fakta, TV4 Komedi, TV4 Guld, TV4 Sport, TV4 HD. There are also plans for a new channel called TV4 Science Fiction.