Tyczewo ( German Tietzow ) is a village in the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It belongs to the municipality Tychowo ( Tychowo in a circle Białogard ( Belgard ) ).

Geographical Location

Tyczewo located 31 kilometers southeast of the county town Białogard and nine kilometers northeast of Tychowo in a wooded valley at the Chotla ( Kautel ), a tributary of the Radev ( Radüe ). The village is on the province road 169 ( Białogard - Byszyno ( Boissin ) - Tychowo - Głodowa ( Goldbeck ) - Bobolice ( Bublitz ) ) in the branch Warnino ( Warnin ) reachable. The nearest train station is Tychowo at the track Kolobrzeg ( Kolberg) - Białogard - Szczecinek ( Pommern ) - Pila ( Pila ) - Poznań ( Posen). For airfield Zegrzyński Pomorskie ( Seeger) is 20 kilometers above Świelino ( Schwellin ).


The place name Tyczewo / Tietzow is from the yew tree (Latin: Taxus baccata) are derived.


Tietzow was an ancient fief of those verses. In 1798 it was bought by Georg Friedrich Carl von Bellingshausen. After that it was owned by Carl Wahrendorf and 1846, owned by Gerhard von Alten. 1918 took over the family of Rekowsky who managed the estate until 1945.

End of the 19th century Tietzow was hit by a wave of emigration. So left in 1873 a total of 69 people, the village on the way to Brazil. In the settlement of Brusque in the province of Santa Catarina, they found a new home. Even today, many descendants live there.

In 1865 320 residents were counted at 20 homes and 45 buildings in Tietzow word stem. The inhabitants went back to 1939 to 221 persons in 21 households. The municipality area was in 1931 a total of 1281.5 hectares. The last German Mayor municipality was Ewald Jeske.

Tietzow formed until the war ended with the community Warnin (now Polish: Warnino ) the official and the civil registry district Warnin district Belgard ( Persante ). The village belonged to the district court area Belgard, and police matters governed the country Jägermeister from Tychowo ( Tychowo ).

As a result of the war Tietzow was Polish. The local population was expelled. Today live in Tyczewo about 50 residents who belong to the Gmina Tychowo in powiat Białogardzki.


By 1945 Tietzow had its own church and belonged to the parish Schwellin (now Polish: Świelino ) in the parish of Bublitz ( Bobolice ) in the church of the Evangelical Church of Pomerania Old Prussian Union. The church patronage was for the family manor of Rekowsky. The last German clergy was Pastor Oswald Dienemann.

Today Tyczewo belongs to the parish of Koszalin ( Koszalin ) in the Diocese of Pomerania - Greater Poland the Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland.