Umkhanyakude District Municipality

- 27.61666666666732.033333333333Koordinaten: 27 ° 37 ' S, 32 ° 2' O

Umkhanyakude is a district within the province of KwaZulu -Natal in South Africa. He has 625 846 inhabitants (as of 2011) on a total area of ​​12,818 km ². Seat of the district administration is Mkuze.

Umkhanyakude is a Zulu word meaning widely bright. The district was named after the Umkhanyakudebaum (fever tree), which is at home there. These trees grow very tall and can be seen by their bright color from very far.

Community structure

As an example of the infrastructure here, the water supply of households ( HWA = own household water supply; ÖWA = mains water nearby; KWA = no connection to a water supply network ):