Under the Same Moon

  • Adrián Alonso Carlos " Carlitos " Reyes
  • Kate del Castillo: Rosario
  • Eugenio Derbez: Enrique
  • Maya Zapata: Alicia
  • Carmen Salinas: Doña Carmen
  • Angelina Peláez: Benita Reyes
  • Gabriel Porras: Paco
  • America Ferrera: Marta

La Misma Luna, German subtitles When the moon shines, remember me, is a Mexican drama from the year 2007., It is about a nine year old boy who tries after the death of his grandmother to enter illegally into the U.S. to there again with his in Los Angeles to be together living mother, whom he has not seen for four years. The main roles were played by Adrian Alonso and Kate del Castillo.


How otherwise also every Sunday, we obtain " Carlitos " also to his ninth birthday a call from his mother Rosario, who lives in Los Angeles and works to eventually allow the two a better future. Carlitos, who has not seen his mother for four years and suffers from the separation, lives with his grandmother. When she dies of a night surprise, he turns to a young Chicano couple to happen with their help, the boundary between the United States and Mexico. But at the border control falls to the customs officials on that the couple still has debts, so they seize their car. Carlitos, who is in a secret compartment under the rear seat is not discovered and he can free himself at night. However, it loses its Porte- monnaie, so that he is destitute and can not afford the bus ticket for the onward journey from El Paso to Los Angeles.

At a public toilet of the bus station, he meets a young junkie who with his car rides him for the promised sum of one hundred dollars to the point at which the confiscated car is because Carlitos there still suspects his wallet. The car has since been picked up, so that Carlitos junkie can not pay. Then this goes with Carlos the Red Light District and wants to sell it to a pimp for the kids dash. Random comes over the Mexican woman Reyna and prevents this "deal". Instead it takes Carlos to his home, where she also grants other " illegals" temporary shelter. There is also a Mexican guest who wants to ride the next day with two friends to Los Angeles and to take the boy. Before they begin the journey, the three men and Carlos still work for a few hours in a warehouse when suddenly the police and the workers controlled. Although Carlos can avoid arrest by hiding on the premises, but loses the three friends, which in turn escape through timely escape an arrest.

When Carlos left his hiding place, he learns Enrique know who has hidden also in front of the immigration officer. Together, they hitch a ride to Tucson, get a job in a restaurant kitchen and a free night. As they lie on the bed at night, Carlos stares at the moon and tells Enrique 's words, which gave its name to the film: " My mom said if I desire, then I will view me the moon. Because she looks at this moment. So I 'm close to her and not be sad. Even though I miss her. " Then Carlos told yet that his father, whom he has never met, lives in Tucson. Enrique Carlos encouraged to make contact with his father. After initial hesitation, he agreed to meet with his father, which seems at first to take a positive outcome zun. The man is obviously moved to meet his son and has apparently also have feelings for Rosario. He promises Carlitos pick up in the evening and to go with him to Los Angeles.

But Carlos is once again disappointed as he waits in vain. So bring Enrique, against his original intention, the boy with a remote bus to Los Angeles. However, Carlos has only a post office box and a description of the environment of the phone booth from which his mother always calls him. Although Enrique and Carlos scan the whole area of the PO Box address, they can not find her phone cell described by the 'd call from his mother him tomorrow, Sunday again. Together they sleep on a park bench and decide to look for his mother the next day anywhere in the area.

Enrique worried the next morning something for breakfast while Carlitos still asleep. When he returns, he sees two police officers want to take the boy. To enable Carlitos the possibility of further search of his mother, he sacrifices his own freedom. He hurls the coffee on the officials and can be arrested while he calls out to Carlos that he should leave. On his flight comes Carlos still randomly on the cell phone this past when his mother, who is informed by a phone call from Doña Carmen that her son is on the way as " Illegal " already waiting for him.

Immigrants in the U.S.

As Rosario and Alicia take a city bus by Los Angeles, running in the background a radio broadcast in which a spokesman: " In an address California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he would vote against a bill that would allow two and a half million illegals to to move freely in our country. The Governor of California refuses to pass a law that threatens public safety " Then said a second voice ." In my opinion, the governor threatens us. " The first voice continues: " These opinions are already in wide parts of the population are discussed and safe care in the coming weeks plenty to talk about " again, the second voice ." This man has a good laugh. He is himself an immigrant. He comes from Austria - and that is probably further away than Mexico. "