Utica (New York)

Oneida County


Utica is a city and county seat in Oneida County in the U.S. state of New York with 62 235 inhabitants ( 2010 census ). The city lies on the banks of the Mohawk River. The city area is 43.0 km ².

In Utica, there are many parks where you can very well do sports in summer as in winter.


The territory of the present-day city was part of the territory of the Iroquois. This has already been traded, as in 1773 the first European settlers arrived in the country. 1794 a road connection to Albany was built in 1798 was from the market place a settlement. The place was named after the ancient city of Utica in North Africa.

Extends the settlement area in 1805 and 1817. Was At this time the population of 2,860 inhabitants was. 1817 to 1825 the Erie Canal was built, connecting the Great Lakes with New York City via the Mohawk River and the Hudson River. This contributed significantly to the industrial development of the city. In the city, textile processing and tool -making companies settled on. General Electric was represented to the 1960s with a work produced in the radio. At times, 8,000 people were employed. The plant was closed and moved to the eastern United States.

After the migration of many industrial enterprises in the city of Utica fared similar to many cities in the Rust Belt. The unemployment rate rose, the city came into financial hardships. It focused attention to cultural things. For example, Stanley Theatre was renovated to bring back to lure more visitors to the city. Since 1976, the theater in the National Register of Historic Places is registered. Several cultural events enlivened the city and attracted more and more visitors. Just put the current Mayor David Roefaro with the Rust Green Program 2 (Eng. rust to green ), a concept which attaches importance to environmental protection and urban greening.

In recent years, it is observed that more and more immigrants come from countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina in the city and keep the population at a constant level. Utica is today a bustling city with a diverse distinctive cultural life.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Mike Arcuri, U.S. Congressman
  • Joe Bonamassa, blues musicians
  • James Dwight Dana, geologist, mineralogist and zoologist
  • Robert Esche, Hockey Goalie
  • Henry Sheldon Fitch, zoologist and herpetologist
  • Harold Frederic, writer and journalist
  • Annette Funicello, singer
  • Jimmie Hunt, Basketball Player
  • Victor H. Metcalf, commercial and Minister of the Navy of the United States
  • Ron O'Neal, actor
  • Tiffany Pollard, Actress, also known as New York
  • James S. Sherman, Vice President of the United States
  • Walter Sutton, founder of the chromosome theory of inheritance
  • Torrie Zito, pianist, arranger and composer