Victor H. Metcalf

Victor Howard Metcalf ( born October 10, 1853 in Utica, New York, † February 20, 1936 in Oakland, California ) was an American politician ( Republican), who belonged to the cabinet of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt in different positions.

Metcalf attended the public school and a private school in Utica as well as a military academy in New Haven ( Connecticut ). In 1872 he began studying at Yale College, which he left again a little bit later, to enroll at the Law School of Yale. He graduated there in 1876 and was admitted to the Bar Association of Connecticut. The following year he continued his legal education at Hamilton College in Clinton continued and became a member of the Bar Association of New York State. He first worked as a lawyer in Utica, before he moved in 1879 to Oakland in California. In 1881 he married Emily Nicholson, with whom he had two children.

His political career began in 1898 with the election into the House of Representatives of the United States, where he represented California from March 4, 1899. He was re-elected twice, and laid down his mandate on 1 July 1904, when President Roosevelt appointed him as trade and labor minister in his cabinet. Trade and the Ministry of Labour were united at this time the Department of Commerce and Labor in. On 12 December 1906 he joined as Secretary of the Navy to the Department of the Navy. For health reasons Metcalf resigned on 13 November 1908.

After leaving the government, Victor Metcalf again worked as a lawyer in Oakland; In addition, he worked in the banking industry. He died on February 20, 1936, just a month after his wife.