Yale College

Yale College was from 1718 to 1887 the name of the college that now bears the name of Yale University. Today it is the name of the Bachelor's degree programs Department of Yale and consists of 12 colleges.


The Yale University was founded in 1701 as the Collegiate School. Their name was in 1718 at Yale College in gratitude to a donor, Elihu Yale changed. 1887 when the College under the presidency of Timothy Dwight V continued to grow, Yale College was renamed Yale University. After Yale College was the name of the study department of the University to the lowest degree.

The current boarding university - system ( residential college system) was set up in 1933, and by a grant of the Yale graduate Edward S. Harkness, who admired the college systems at Oxford University and Cambridge University, made ​​possible. Every college has a carefully constructed infrastructure support for students with a dean, a master, liierten professors and resident students.

In June 2008, Yale announced plans to build two new boarding colleges, which would increase the total to fourteen. The colleges would enable it to take about 15 % more undergraduates, up to a total number of about 6,000. The planned completion is scheduled for 2013 and they are to the north of the Grove Street Cemetery lie.

Residential Colleges

The residential colleges are named for important figures or places in the history of the university or by known graduates; they are deliberately not named after donors.