VCMG is a musical project of the British Vince Clarke and Martin Gore, which was founded in 2011 and has released an album ( Ssss ) and three EPs ( Spock, Single Blip and Aftermaths ).

The school friends Clarke and Gore founded in 1980 with Dave Gahan and Andrew Fletcher, the band Depeche Mode. A few months later, Clarke left the band, however, could celebrate with other projects such as Erasure and Yazoo success. In 2011, Clarke Gore contacted to work with him together on a minimal techno album. Here, each produced for himself in his studio, an exchange took place only over the Internet. Ssss finally appeared in March 2012, in advance, the EPs Spock (November 2011) and Single Blip (February 2012 ) have been published ( first exclusively on Beatport ), in August 2012, followed Aftermaths.

The name VCMG not only stands for the initials of the two members, but also for "Voltage Control modulation generator ", a component in synthesizers.




  • 2011: Spock
  • 2012: Single Blip
  • 2012: Aftermaths