Vehicle registration plates of Brazil

The Brazilian license plate made ​​since 1990 of three letters and four numbers separated by a dot. At the combination you can see the state of the initial registration. In addition, the indicators contain a colored band across this combination, from which the state and the county in which the holder resides emerge. Front is a two -letter combination for the state, followed by the full name of the circle. The color of the indicator is gray with black lettering. Public vehicles such as taxis, buses or trucks have red signs with white letters. The signs remain firmly assigned to the vehicle. For a change of place only a small part is exchanged with the above statement and circle the abbreviation for the state. The rear plate must a lead seal securely affixed to the vehicle. The color of the seal indicates the year of last vehicle inspection.

Federal State Abbreviations

Two-letter state abbreviation Federal

These federal state abbreviation stand on the colored band on top of the license plate.

  • AC Acre ( state ) Acre
  • AL Alagoas Alagoas
  • AM Amazonas ( Brazilian state ) Amazon
  • Amapá Amapá AP
  • BA Bahia Bahia
  • Ceará Ceará CE
  • DF Distrito Federal do Brasil Distrito Federal do Brasil
  • Espírito Santo Espírito Santo ES
  • Goiás Goiás GO
  • Maranhão Maranhão MA
  • Minas Gerais Minas Gerais MG
  • MS Mato Grosso do Sul Mato Grosso do Sul
  • MT Mato Grosso Mato Grosso
  • Pará Pará PA
  • PB Paraíba Paraíba
  • Pernambuco Pernambuco PE
  • Piauí Piauí PI
  • PR Paraná Paraná
  • RJ Rio de Janeiro ( state ) Rio de Janeiro
  • RN Rio Grande do Norte Rio Grande do Norte
  • Rondônia Rondônia RO
  • RS Rio Grande do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul
  • Roraima Roraima RR
  • SC Santa Catarina Santa Catarina
  • Sergipe Sergipe SE
  • SP São Paulo ( state ) São Paulo
  • Tocantins Tocantins TO

Three-letter abbreviation Federal State

This is the first three letters, which are followed by a four digit number.