Veltrusy ( German Weltrus ) is a city in the Czech Republic. It is located about 25 kilometers north of Prague and is part of the Okres Melnik.


The city is located right on the Vltava Všestudský creek. To the north, beyond the brook, is the Veltrusy castle. East of the town passes the route of the D 8/Europastraße 55 highway, their next departure is Úžice. In Veltrusy the State Road 101 crosses between Kralupy nad Vltavou and Neratovice with the 608 between Terezin and Prague. To the south, the industrial area of the city Kralupy nad Vltavou connects.

Neighboring towns are Všestudy in the northeast, Zlosyň in the east, in the southeast Úžice, Lobeček and Kralupy nad Vltavou in the south, and Nelahozeves Hleďsebe 1.díl in the West, as well as Hleďsebe 2.díl and Podhořany in the northwest.


The first mention of Veltrusy dates from the year 1052. Documented occupied the place is by a privilege Přemysl Otakar I of 1226 for the monastery Doksany, belonged to the Veltrusy to 1410.

In the following years various noble families were owners of Veltrusy. Zdenko of Šternberk sold the place in 1497 to Jindřich Firšic of Nabdín who joined him in the rule Beškovice. In 1716 Václav Antonín Chotková was north of the city, opposite the old Moldauarm Všestudský creek built a Baroque castle, which remained until 1945 the seat of the Counts Chotková. The first industrial exhibition in 1754 was also attended by Maria Theresa.

Veltrusy in 1899 raised to the market town, and received city rights in 1926, but lost the place again. Since 1994 Veltrusy is a city again.


  • Veltrusy, built in 1716 by Franz Maximilian Kanka

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Carl von Holzinger (1849-1935), Austrian classical philologist
  • Ladislav Čepelák (1924-2000), Czech painter