Verkehrsbetriebe Glattal

The traffic Glattal AG ( VBG ) operate on behalf of the Zurich Transport Network ( CRVO ), a so-called market- responsible company ( MVU ) public transport in the regions Glatt valley and Furttal, as well as in space Effretikon / Volketswil. As a pure MVU VBG since 1993 exclusively responsible for the planning and implementation of the transport service, all performance figures are provided by Transport Commissioner, provide the drivers and vehicles.

The transport network of VBG continued in 2007 from 35 bus lines along which cite a total of 306 stations; approximately 16.5 million passengers were on the net on the go.

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The traffic Glattal are registered since December 1997 in the commercial register of the Canton of Zurich as a public company. Since the update of the Articles in June 2003, the corporate purpose is mainly to " the management and operation of a public transport network in the region Glattal and adjacent areas ", and in those days re-recorded in the statutes ' implementation of Glattalbahn ".

The share capital of VBG amounts to CHF 230,000, divided into 230 registered shares of CHF 1,000. The shares are not publicly traded, among the 23 shareholders is only a private person, and the remaining 22 are public sector zuzuordenen.

The original 15 -member Board of Directors was reduced in mid-2003 to nine members. Six members representing the shareholders of the VBG and are active in municipal, cantonal or national policy, the other three members is a indirect political function.

The Board consists of seven members, who are also the Head of Department since October 2007. In the total of 15 employees account for 13 full-time positions equivalents.

Board of Directors

Have a seat on the nine-member Board of Directors fixed the director of the Zurich Transport Network ( CRVO ), representing the Canton of Zurich ( Department of Economic Affairs ) and the Board of Zurich Public Transport (VBZ ), representing the City of Zurich ( Department of industrial enterprises).

  • Otto Halter, Chairman
  • Ruedi Lai, vice president
  • Max binder
  • Alfred Bollinger (until 26 June 2007)
  • Marc Hunziker (from 27 June 2007)
  • Franz Kagerbauer
  • Andres Türler
  • Hugo Berchtold
  • Hans -Peter Ruosch
  • Hans Jakob Schürch

Market area

The market area includes 20 of the VBG political communities in three market regions.

  • Bassersdorf, Kloten, Opfikon, Zürich, Wallisellenstrasse
  • Greifensee, Illnau- Effretikon, Kyburg, Lindau, Nuerensdorf, Volketswil, Weisslingen

Smooth Albus

Bus operation

The VBG, in 1993, the organization of the regional bus network in the Glatt valley. This was previously in the public bodies ' transport companies in the region Lower Glattal » ( VRUG ) and " transport companies of the Middle Glattal Region » ( VRMG ) joined forces to those of the Canton of Zurich and the affected communities were involved, while the line transport operators Zurich ( VBZ) was responsible.

The VBG provide any performance, the operation is carried out exclusively by contracted delivery company. After existing transfer orders had to be taken due to a several-month moratorium, they are since about 1995, always advertised. In later years, the " transport companies of Furttal Region» ( VBRF ) were resolved and assigned as market region the VBG. In the fall of 2007, the VBG presented its new corporate identity, the bus operation has since been - in allusion to the tram / light rail project « Glattalbahn " - under the name " Smooth Albus " in appearance. The new corporate design was also implemented on the existing buses, the transportation officer in the course of 2008.

Transport Commissioner

For the VBG six transport officers are active, each running a subnet. The mobile worker is employed in each case at such establishments; the vehicles to be procured and financed by the CRVO and the VBG, however, are legally the property of the individual companies (enrollment, insurance, management ). Andres, Meier, Ryffel and city bus Winterthur have their own garages; the vehicles of Eurobus and Maag, however, are rented in Zurich Seebach with the public transport operators Zurich ( VBZ) in the bus garage Hagenholz.

  • Eurobus Welti -Furrer AG, Zurich
  • Bus operation Maag AG, Kloten
  • VBRF E. Meier AG, rain village
  • Brothers Andres Transport AG, Illnau -Effretikon
  • Ryffel AG, Uster
  • City bus Winterthur, Winterthur

Previously worked also for the VBG was Cheerful Reisen AG, headquartered in Zurich. In the re-tendering its partial network after 10 years, the company lost in February 2007 its lines to Eurobus. The simultaneously rented in the ITR garage Hagenholz city buses were then sells on to Eurobus that was required also to take over the driving personnel. The servant Holding, the parent company of Eurobus, then also took over the entire business of coach Cheerful, with the exception of land ownership in Oberengstringen where the Fröhlich Ernest AG has settled.


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The impulse of the Regional Conference of the (average) Glatttals " glow " was led " light rail Glatt " in the ways of the CRVO the project. Because of overlaps in personnel between "glow, " and the VBG - especially Otto Holder and Ruedi Lais - the realization of the light rail was transferred to the VBG. The VBG manage the whole project for the construction of Glattalbahn and after the work is the owner of the rail lines that are part of the Zurich tram network.

The operation of the light rail, however, is done by the VBZ; while the extended end of 2006, line 11 served with the usual vehicles, the VBG have on the extended line 10 (from the end of 2008) and the new line 12 can be contractually assure the use of trams in VBG- painting (from end 2010), which should correspond to the presented in autumn 2007 the new corporate design.