Vielitzsee is a municipality in the district Ostprignitz -Ruppin in Brandenburg. It is administered by the Office Lindow (Mark ) based in Lindow (Mark).


Vielitzsee is located about 15 kilometers east of the town of Neuruppin the eponymous Vielitzsee. The highly polluted lake stretches north of the town center, has an area of ​​120 acres and is up to three meters deep. Other lakes in the immediate vicinity of Vielitzsee are the "Great Strubensee " and the " Glambecksee ". The municipality includes the districts Vielitzsee Seebeck, Strubensee and Vielitz.

The place Vielitz forms the center of the village and is located on a hill overlooking the Vielitzsee. It is characterized by large brick homesteads. While expanding the older part of town along the edge of the slope of the embankment, the other covers - separated by a green area - to the southeast.


The municipality was created on 31 December 2001, from the voluntary merger of the previously independent municipalities Vielitz and Seebeck Strubensee.


The representation of the community Vielitzsee (Mark) has existed since the local elections on 28 September 2008, twelve community representatives at the following distribution of seats:


In the list of monuments in Vielitzsee and in the list of ground monuments in Vielitzsee are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg cultural monuments.

The district Vielitz is the site of a stone church, which is lined with old chestnut and lime trees.

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