The Ostprignitz -Ruppin is a district in the northwest of the state of Brandenburg.

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The Ostprignitz -Ruppin occupying the eastern half of the Prignitz region Ruppin plate, a large part of the Ruppin country and the little state Bellin of the Havel country. He goes on in the Mecklenburg Lake District in the north.

Neighboring districts are in the north of Mecklenburg- vorpommerische County Mecklenburg Lake District, in the eastern district of Upper Havel, in the south of the county Havel country in the southwest of the district of Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt and the west of the county Prignitz.

For the district include five of the 100 largest towns and cities area of Germany ( Wittstock / Dosse, Rheinberg, Neuruppin, Fehrbellin, Holy Sepulchre ). Ostprignitz -Ruppin is the third largest district of Brandenburg and Germany is far in ninth place.


The Ostprignitz -Ruppin came on 6 December 1993 under the Brandenburg district reform by merging the counties Wittstock, Kyritz and Neuruppin. Efforts to unite the Ostprignitz with the current Prignitz in a the whole Prignitz comprehensive district were rejected by the state government.


The following table shows the development of the population of the district Ostprignitz -Ruppin (population 1990 of 3 October, from 1991, each December 31 of the year ). All figures are according to the respective territorial status ( 1990 to 1992: area of ​​6 December 1993 ).




In the County Council Election, 2008, 41 519 voters ( 46.3 %) participated. The council has 50 members in the following breakdown:

Coat of arms, seal and flag

The county received on May 2, 1993, the authorization to conduct the coat of arms described below.

Blazon: " Divided by a silver pole; above in a red gold reinforced silver eagle; down in front a green rotgebundene golden lily, rear rotbelegte a golden miter. "

The stamp shows, subject to other statutory provisions, the county coat of arms with the inscription " Ostprignitz - RUPPIN - the district administrator ".

The county flag is green - white - red ( 1:2:1 ) striped and center occupied by the county coat of arms.

Official seal


The coat of arms of the offices, cities and towns of the district can be found in the list of the coat of arms in the Ostprignitz - Ruppin.


In the region of the recreational tourism with camping, hunting and water sports plays a role. Large parts are dominated agricultural and forestry.

Cities and Towns

After the municipal reform of 2003, the district included 23 municipalities, including six cities.

The municipalities heart jump and Königsberg in 2004 reached a decision of the Constitutional Court, the country that their forced incorporation on 26 October 2003 in the city of Wittstock / Dosse was void of form errors. They were long managed by the Office Wittstock / Dosse, until they decided in which community they are to be incorporated. Since 1 January 2005, they belong to the community as districts Holy Sepulchre.

(Population at 31 December 2012)

Cities ¹ amt nationals city

Official Free communities

Offices and associated communities

1 Lindow (Mark) ( 4643 )

2 Neustadt (Dosse ) ( 7747 )

3 Temnitz ( 5317 ) ( Headquarters: Walsleben )


In the district still ostniederdeutsches Platt is spoken occasionally.

Between the cities of Wittstock, Rheinberg and Neuruppin is a formerly -used by the Soviet army, Bombodrom called former military training area. Government plans for further use by the Bundeswehr were legally and politically highly controversial since 1993. 2009 was Bundesverteidungsminister Franz Josef Jung, the waiver of the grounds known.