The district of Upper Havel is a district in the north of Brandenburg. Neighboring districts are in the north of the county Mecklenburg Lake District (Mecklenburg- Vorpommern), to the east the counties Uckermark and Barnim, in the south of the State of Berlin and the district Havel country and western Ostprignitz - Ruppin.

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The Oberhavel comprises the northern countryside surrounding Berlin and extends north into the Ruppin country. In the north, the landscape continues in the Mecklenburg Lake District. More than 50 percent of the area of the county are landscape or nature conservation areas. The demarcation was carried out according to the principle of the formation of sectoral circles.


The district of Upper Havel appeared as a result of the Brandenburg district reform December 6, 1993 by merging the former counties Gransee and Oranienburg. The county seat is Oranienburg.


The following table shows the development of the population of the district Upper Havel (population 1990 of 3 October, from 1991, each December 31 of the year ). All figures relate to the respective territorial status (1990 to 1992 area the 6 December 1993).

Source: State Office for Data Processing and Statistics Brandenburg

Population development in the current territorial status and forecasts

Forecast of population development

Forecast age structure



On 28 September 2008, the district council, which is composed of 56 councilors, council and the county council, elected. In this case, the following result returned:

(As at municipal election on 28 September 2008) The voter turnout was 47.8 %. The fractions of the SPD / LGU, the CDU and the Independent Citizens' Group have formed a coalition.

Right now ( June 2013 ) provides for the composition according to fractions like this:

District Administrator and Assistant

  • 1994 - Karl -Heinz Schröter (SPD )

(As of 2013)

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 18 May 1994.

Blazon: "Divided by silver- green; above gold and armored rotgezungte red eagle, wings with golden clover stems occupied; below two beside each other flying rotbewehrte silver swans. "

The coat of arms of the offices, cities and towns of the district can be found in the list of the coat of arms in the district of Upper Havel.


The focus of the industry lies in the south of the district, in close sphere with Berlin. To this end, in addition to the services included are companies of traffic engineering and steel industry ( especially in and around the village Hennig ) and the chemical and pharmaceutical industry ( in and around Oranienburg ). The business locations Oranienburg, Hennig village and Velten form a 15 growth centers of Brandenburg.

The entire district is also characterized by intensive agriculture.

Upper Havel also gained more and more importance as a recreational area for Berlin and especially the north of the circle as a natural holiday destination ..


By Oberhavel the motorway A lead 10 (Berliner Ring) as well as the branching of their motorways A111 towards Berlin and A 24 in the direction of Hamburg. In addition, the federal roads run 96, 96a, 109, 167 and 273 through the circuit.

The main railway routes are the Berlin outer ring, the Berlin northern railway to Stralsund and the Kremmener train to Neuruppin. Lines of the Berlin S-Bahn trains travel to Oranienburg and Hennig village.

The circular own Upper Havel Transport Company is the operator of bus services in the county. It has its headquarters in Oranienburg and operates 42 bus lines (2014).

Major inland waterways are the rivers Havel and Oder - Havel Canal.

In addition to a variety of local and regional bicycle routes and the cycle route Berlin- Copenhagen and the Havel bike path through the circle.

Cities and Towns

After completion of the municipal reform, the district still includes 19 municipalities, including nine cities. 14 of the municipalities are free amt.

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(Population at 31 December 2012)


Official Free communities

Office and associated communities ( The seat of the Office Administration * )

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