Potsdam means Mark is a district in the west of the state of Brandenburg. The demarcation was carried out according to the principle of the formation of sectoral circles. He was up to the district reform in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 2011 in terms of area after the Emsland district, and the district Uckermark the third largest district of Germany.

Neighboring districts are in the north of the county Havel country in the east of the city county- Potsdam (which extends from the northeast to the eastern region, with despite the name does not belong to the district ), the State of Berlin and the district of Teltow -Flaming, in the south of Saxony- Anhalt counties Wittenberg and Anhalt- Bitterfeld and also to the west of Saxony-Anhalt district Jerichower country. The independent city of Brandenburg an der Havel is almost completely enclosed in the northwest of the district.


Essentials and simultaneously formative parts of the district occupy the Baruth glacial valley, the Zauche, the Nuthe Nieplitz lowland parts of the central valley Havel, the High Flaming and the western edge of the Teltow. The highest point in the county is the 200 meter high mountain hail west of Bad Belzig, lowest points are at the banks of the Havel at Havelsee district Pritzerbe with 28 m above sea level. NN.

Important rivers and streams in the county are the River Havel, Nieplitz, Nuthe, plans, and Buckau Emster. Among the best known lakes include the Great Zernsee the Great Seddiner lake that Havel and Lake Templin. Three natural parks are located entirely or partially in the district of Potsdam- agent Mark: Hoher Flaming, Nuthe Nieplitz and Nature Park Westhavelland.


The district of Potsdam- agent Mark was born on 6 December 1993 under the Brandenburg district reform by merging the circuits Belzig, Brandenburg (Country), Potsdam (country ) and parts of the former district Jiiterbog (Official Treuenbrietzen ). As a result of municipal reform in 2003 had the county's municipalities Gollwitz and jumble of the district-free city of Brandenburg an der Havel ( incorporation ), the communities of driving country Fahrland, Marquardt, Uetz pairs Satzkorn, United Glienicke Golm and the independent city of Potsdam ( incorporation ) and the community Seeburg cede to the county Havel country.


The following table shows the development of the population of the district Potsdam- agent Mark (population 1990 of 3 October, from 1991, each December 31 of the year ). All figures are according to the respective territorial status (1990 to 1992 area the 6 December 1993). Through the municipal reform on 26 October 2003, the county lost about 13,900 inhabitants.

Population development in the current territorial status and forecasts

Forecast of population development

Forecast age structure


District administrators


The council is composed of 56 deputies, and the district administrator.

(As at municipal election on 28 September 2008)

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 25 October 1996.

Blazon: " em; Field 1: a gold - reinforced red eagle, field 2 in silver: an oblique left golden oak branch with three leaves, box 3 in Black: nine times shared by black and gold box 4: in silver two crossed red key ".

The coat of arms of the offices, cities and towns of the district can be found in the list of the coat of arms in the district of Potsdam- agent market.


The economy in the district is dominated by small and medium-sized companies, there are few industrial companies. In the northeast of the county share of the close sphere of Berlin, where mainly companies in the service industry and innovative technologies have their headquarters has, for example, Stahnsdorf, Teltow and Kleinmachnow. In Kleinmachnow the Germany headquarters is seed off of eBay, in Teltow the eastern branch of O ₂. Between Werder and Brandenburg are larger contiguous areas with fruit growing to Beelitz around the Beelitz asparagus is grown. The county town of Bad Belzig with its stone- Therme spa and center for emerging in the High Flaming tourist region. Tourism is an important source of income also an der Havel and Havel lakes including the Seddiner lake and in the Nuthe Nieplitz Lowland. The south and southwest is used for agriculture and forestry in particular.

On average for 2008, the County had 8.3%, the fifth-lowest unemployment rate in East Germany, closely behind the state capital of Potsdam with 8.2 % (based on the total civilian labor force).


  • Railroads:

For freight transport consists in the district south of Potsdam on the direct (not leading over Potsdam Hbf) Berlin - Dessau location marshalling yard Seddin.

  • Federal highways: A 2, A 9, A 10 (Berliner Ring), A 115
  • Federal Roads: B 1, B 2, B 102, B 107, B 246
  • Bicycle lanes: Euroroute Euro route R1
  • Long distance footpaths: the European long-distance hiking E11
  • German Avenues Route
  • Waterways

Cities and Towns

After completion of the Brandenburg municipality reform in 2003, the district still includes 38 municipalities, including nine cities.

(Population at 31 December 2012)

Cities ¹ amt nationals city

Official Free communities

Offices and associated communities

1 Beetzsee ( Headquarters: Beetz Lake district Brielow ) ( 8196 )

2 Brück ( 10,293 )

3 Niemegk ( 4725 )

4 Wusterwitz ( 5272 )

5 Ziesar ( 6269 )