Havelland (district)

The county Havel country [' ha ː ˌ lant fəl ] is a district in the west of the state of Brandenburg.

  • 4.1 Population development in the current territorial status and forecasts


The county Havel land includes most of the Havel country.

Neighboring districts are in the north of the Ostprignitz -Ruppin and in the northeastern district of Upper Havel. The eastern end forms the border with the Spandau district of Berlin. In the southeast borders the county to the county-level city of Potsdam, on the south by the district of Potsdam - agent Mark and the district-free city of Brandenburg an der Havel. Are the Saxony-Anhalt districts of Stendal and Jerichower land on the border in the west.


The historic landscape Havel country was the tribal territory of the Slavic Hevelli. Your central Burgort was Brandenburg an der Havel. The tribal area of Hevelli fell due to an inheritance contract between the Hevellerfürsten Pribislaw -Heinrich and Albrecht the Bear 1150/1157 in its possession and was the ancestral homeland of the bear founded by Albrecht Brandenburg.

The county Havel country was on 6 December 1993 under the Brandenburg district reform by merging the former districts Nauen ( NAU ) and Rathenow (RN). Here were also the district offices of the educated in the Kingdom of Prussia and existing until 1952 counties Westhavelland and Osthavelland. The demarcation was carried out according to the principle of the formation of sectoral circles.



Since 1993: Burkhard Schröder ( SPD)


The 56 seats in the council spread since the election of 28 September 2008 as follows among the individual parties and groups:

Chairman of the District Council is Jürgen Bigalke (SPD ) from Falkirk.

Coat of arms, flag and official seal

The council Havel country has decided in its 14th meeting on 20 February 1995, the leadership of the described below, designed by graphic designer Ruth Peschel coat of arms. The approval by the Brandenburg Ministry of Interior on 31 August 1995.

The coat of arms of the offices, cities and towns of the district can be found in the list of the coat of arms in the district Havel country.

The council Havel country has decided in its 20th meeting on 25 September 1995 to try to fly the flag described below, and to seek the approval of the Ministry of the Interior.

The county Havel country into its official seal the circular coat of arms and carries the inscription " Havelland " in capital letters. Prior to the adoption and approval of the county coat of arms of the district Havel led the country in its official seal the Brandenburg state coat of arms.


The following table shows the development of the population of the district Havel Country (population 1990 of 3 October, from 1991, each December 31 of the year ). All figures are according to the respective territorial status (1990 to 1992 area the 6 December 1993).

Population development in the current territorial status and forecasts

Forecasts of population change

Forecast age structure

Cities and Towns

After the municipal reform in 2003, the district still includes 26 municipalities, including seven cities.

(Population at 31 December 2012)

Cities ¹ amt nationals city

Official Free communities

Offices and associated communities

1 Friesack ( 6380 )

2 Nominal Hausen ( 4631 )

3 Rhinow ( 4732 )