Neustadt (Amt)

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In office Neustadt (Dosse ), based in the town of Neustadt (Dosse ) are combined to form a composite administration six municipalities. The Office was formed in 1992, initially 11 municipalities.

Geographical location

The Office is located in the southwest of the district Ostprignitz -Ruppin in Brandenburg ( Germany ), and borders the district Prignitz and to the city Kyritz in the north, in the east on the community Wusterhausen / Dosse, as well as to the county Havel country in the south. In the southwest, the border of Brandenburg Saxony -Anhalt and the Office Neustadt (Dosse ) borders on the district of Stendal.

Outline of the Office

The Office Neustadt ( Dosse) consisted of 2010 six municipalities

  • Breddin
  • Dreetz
  • Neustadt (Dosse ) with the districts Plänitz - Leddin and Roddahn
  • Sievers -Hohenofen
  • Stüdenitz - Schönermark
  • Zernitz - Lohm


Since the 19th century the population of the present territory of the Office is declining. Only those displaced from the eastern territories and the bombed gave the region in the mid 20th century a population boost. For the future, is expected to further sharp fall.

Forecasts of population change

Forecast age structure


On March 16, 1992, the Minister of the Interior gave its approval for the formation of the Office Neustadt ( Dosse) with effect from April 8, 1992 It then consisted of the communities.:

  • Breddin
  • Dreetz
  • Giesenhorst
  • Hohenofen
  • Lohm
  • Plänitz
  • Roddahn
  • Waldsieversdorf
  • Stüdenitz
  • Zernitz
  • Neustadt ( Dosse)

On 31 December 1997, Dreetz and Giesenhorst the new community Dreetz merged and the municipalities Waldsieversdorf and Hohenofen the new community Sievers -Hohenofen. As of 31 December 1997, the communities Zernitz and Lohm merged to form the new municipality Zernitz - Lohm.

As of 31 December 2002, the municipalities Plänitz - Leddin and Roddahn (Dosse ) were incorporated into the city of Neustadt. At the same time, the communities Stüdenitz and Schönermark closed (Official Kyritz ) to the new community Stüdenitz - Schönermark together. This included the Office Neustadt (Dosse ) nor the present six municipalities to: Breddin, Dreetz, Sievers -Hohenofen, Stüdenitz - Schönermark, Zernitz - Lohm and the city of Neustadt (Dosse ) to.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 31 May 1995.

Blazon: " Split of red and blue; forward half a silver eagle on the gap; Rear three open outwards silver horseshoes pile wise. "


The flag consists - in suspension on a cross of wood - from three longitudinal stripes in the colors red-white- red in the ratio 1:2:1 with the Office of Arms in the center strip.

Office directors

First Amtsdirektor 1992 Edmund Bublitz. He was re-elected in 2000 and went into retirement in 2005. Successor in office, Dr. Ulrich Gerber.


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