Breddin is a municipality in the district Ostprignitz -Ruppin in Brandenburg.

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Breddin located in the western part of the district Ostprignitz -Ruppin between the city Havel mountain and Neustadt ( Dosse). The municipality belongs to the Office Neustadt (Dosse ). The administrative headquarters of the Office is in the town of Neustadt (Dosse ). In the north the municipality Breddin adjacent to the church board castle ( Prignitz ) and to the city Kyritz, in the east it borders the municipalities Stüdenitz - Schönermark and Zernitz - Lohm and to the community part Roddahn the town of Neustadt (Dosse ). In the West, the church Breddin forms the border to Saxony -Anhalt, adjacent to the city Havel mountain. The community part Breddin degradation is one of Havelberger territory fully enclosed enclave Breddins.

Community structure

The municipality Breddin following parts of municipalities include:

Inhabited parts of communes

Breddin, Breddin degradation, lady coat, Joachimshof, Sophie village, Voigt Bruges

Residential places and other settlements

Hörning, Upper Mill, Red Forest House


Breddin is one of the largest villages in the Prignitz and should be Wendish origin. Linguists assume that the name derives from the Slavic root word "bread" is derive = ford. Documented evidence is the place since the 13th century. So dates the foundation charter of the stone church from the year 1273 Of all the medieval churches of Prignitz can exactly prove only for the Breddiner the year of the inauguration. Upon termination of the altar in 1846 the instrument was found on the feast of the dedication. Breddin with its local upper mill, Kümmernitz and Breddiner degradation belonged for many years to the cathedral chapter Havel mountain. The style of the Breddin is a village road. The station was taken exactly 40 years after the opening of the Berlin- Hamburg Railway and was opened in 1886. Cultural and sporting Breddin has always been very active: the men's choir was founded in 1869, the gymnastics club in 1907, many craftsmen and tradesmen settled in the course of time here. . Early fifties were added more parts of communes: Lady paint, Joachimshof, Sophie village and Voigt Bruges.


Municipal council

The municipal council consists of 10 members Breddins.

  • Volunteer Fire Department: 6 seats ( 2)
  • Independent group of voters: 2 seats (-2)
  • LEFT: 1 seat ( 1)
  • CDU: 1 seat ( ± 0)

(As at municipal election on 28 September 2008)

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 11 February 1998.

Blazon: " Shared by gold and blue; above a red certificate with golden N as a gothic initial and an attached, red circular seal; below two diagonally crossed golden crooks with abflatterndem Sudarium, bewinkelt top of a fußgespitzten cross. "


In the list of monuments in Breddin are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg monuments.

Economy and infrastructure


The place is a stop on the railway line from Berlin to Wismar and is located on the ICE from Berlin to Hamburg.


  • Primary school Breddin (dandelion elementary school ) - the school works on the model of the "reliable half-day school ". In the school year 2008/2009 133 children attended the school.

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