Werbe (Eder)

Streambed advertising at low water in Lake Eder

The advertising is a 13.25 km long, orographic left or northern tributary of the carrying of the Eder Edersees in Waldeck- Frankenberg, Hesse ( Germany ).


The advertising rises in the north-west Northern Hesse east of Korbach. Your source is located approximately 800 m north of the eastern part of the city Korbacher Strothe between the forested mountains "brand" (440 m above sea level. NN ) in the west and " fag " ( 420.8 m above sea level. NN ) in the east to about 358 m above sea level. NN.

The advertising initially flows east to the village Strothe past, where it controls the south. Then, the stream runs mainly by south-southeast and crosses under the frame of an on high embankment tunnel as pure water passage at the Bach km 9.3 the disused Lake Eder track, the center part of the railway line Wabern- Brilon-Wald, the section Korbach - lovers 2008-2012 was converted into the Lake Eder railway cycle path.

The west coming from Korbacher district My Ringshausen Walme picking up and a little later the B251 crossing the advertising flows Alraft where the approach from the same direction from the court Lauterbach Lauterbach flowing discharges. Then they reached the top and finally low - advertising ( the latter three villages are areas of Waldeck ).

The advertising flows on the northern border of the nature park basement Edersee just south of Lower advertising and after flowing through the smaller of two adjacent Lake Eder - forebay of Northwest Coming to around 245 m above sea level. NN in the carrying out of the Eder and dammed by the Eder Dam Lake Eder. In the larger forebay flows with the coming of the northeast heron creek, a left tributary of a former advertising.


The source of advertising is close to the Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: The water flowing in a south-southeast direction of the advertising drained by Lake Eder to the east or northeast across Eder and Fulda in the Weser, while that from the lot to the west of the mountain " mark "on the Waldecker panel near the northern outskirts springing from Korbach Bach's" wool bag "flows into the Weser on the Twiste and Diemel to the northeast.

Catchment and inflows

Among the tributaries of the advertising whose catchment area covers 42.263 km ², including downriver viewed with orographic mapping (l = left side, R = right side), river length and Mündungsort with advertising rkm:

  • Walme (r; 3.25 km ), on the B 251 above Alraft ( Waldeck; 8.15 km )
  • Lauterbach ( r, 4.5 km), Alraft ( Waldeck; 6.15 km )
  • Herons Brook ( l; 8.4 km, until the construction of the dam was a tributary), in low - advertising ( Waldeck, about km 0)