Waldeck, Hesse

Waldeck is a small town in Waldeck- Frankenberg in northern Hesse ( Germany ).

Nationally known Waldeck is due to its location on Lake Eder and in the catchment area of ​​the Nature Park basement Edersee, which includes the National Park basement Edersee, by the Waldeck Castle, the landmark of the district Waldeck, and by the location in low - advertising peninsula " Scheid ".

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Geographical location

The urban area of ​​Waldeck extends about 30 km west- southwest of Kassel north of the carrying out of the at the Eder Edersees, geographical terms the second and third largest in terms of volume storage lakes in northern Hesse. It extends in a predominantly agricultural and forest of cultivated mountain landscape.

The city is located in the northern part of the Natural Park basement Edersee and just outside the northern border and stretches from the banks of the Edersees in northern direction up in the Long forest. To the south of the reservoir is located within the Natural Park of the cellar -Edersee National Park basement Edersee, which is part of the cellar Forest.

By Waldecker urban area or along its borders are sections of several rivers, including the Fulda catchment the Eder, their tributaries networks and advertising as well as in Diemel catchment area the Twiste inflows Watter and Wild belong.

Neighboring communities

Waldeck is bordered to the north by the municipality Twistetal, on the northeast by the town of Bad Arolsen (both in Waldeck- Frankenberg ), to the east by the cities of Wolf Hagen and Naumburg (both in the district of Kassel), in the south on the community Eder Valley, and in the west to the community and the city Vöhl Korbach (all three in Waldeck- Frankenberg ).


The town of Waldeck consists of ten districts: Alraft, Dehringhausen, Freienhagen, Höringhausen, nets, low advertising, top advertising, Selbach, Sachsenhausen and Waldeck. History and historically these towns have numerous attractions, including to provide ruins and historic buildings.



As part of the municipal reform in Hesse, the formerly independent communities Alraft, Höringhausen, networks and low - advertising and the two cities Sachsenhausen ( 1246 *) and Waldeck ( 1266 *) joined on 1 October 1971 on the new town of Waldeck together (* city rights in brackets ).

As a name for the newly created city you chose the historically significant name " Waldeck ", who had first called the castle in today's urban core and according to which from 1180 named the local Counts. The county of Waldeck, Principality of Waldeck -Pyrmont later, the former Free State of Waldeck ( 1918 ) and the Waldeck later ( from 1942 onwards ), today Waldeck- Frankenberg, also bore this name.

On January 1, 1974, the municipalities Dehringhausen and top advertising came ( with the incorporated on 31 December 1970 former town Oberwerba ) and the former city Freienhagen ( 1231 *) added. Thus, the city reached its present size. ( * City right in brackets).

Administration and policy

Administrative headquarters

For administrative center of the city created in 1972 Waldeck 's Sachsenhausen district, founded by Count Adolf I of Waldeck and Schwalenberg, terms of population, larger one was selected.

City Council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:

Municipal authorities

The magistrate consists of the mayor and six councilors. Of this, two seats on the SPD, two seats on the CDU and one seat each on the FWG and the FDP.



  • Blank Hain ( Thuringia), since 1990

Coat of arms

Blazon: The coat of arms of the city shows on golden plate a six-pointed black star with integrated lily in the middle.

Taking into account the specific historical circumstances of the newly founded town was chosen as the basis Waldecker Coat of Arms. Also the Sachsenhausen coat of arms contained an asterisk, from this one took the lily. The six-pointed star and the lily stand for the former independent municipalities and cities which in 1971 merged to form the town of Waldeck.

Sachsenhausen until 1971

City Waldeck from 1972

Culture and sights


  • Schloss Waldeck Waldeck landmark of the city and the district Waldeck -Frankenberg
  • City Church in Waldeck district - here the Reformation for the then separate counties Waldeck -Eisenberg and Waldeck- Wildungen has been introduced.
  • City Church in the Sachsenhausen district
  • Church of the former monastery in the village of Marienthal networks with late Gothic altar from the 14th century.
  • Monastery Ruins top advertising in the district of Upper - advertising
  • Waiting in Sachsenhausen
  • Edertalsperre


  • Castle museum in Waldeck Castle
  • Heritage Museum in Höringhausen
  • Dorfstube in low - advertising


  • Waterfront Waldeck -West ( right on Lake Eder)
  • Walled garden below the Schloss Waldeck, Waldeck core city


Sports venues and events Waldeck are:

  • Outdoor pool in the district Freienhagen; Beach Waldeck ( Waldeck -west) on Lake Eder
  • Golf course in the district Waldeck
  • Edersee triathlon: Every year in July - the largest sporting event in the greater community
  • Whit Horse Show: In even-numbered years in Waldeck, in odd at Sachsenhausen; with jumping and dressage competitions up to class S

Economy and infrastructure


The districts of the city Waldeck are accessible via the main roads 485 and 251.

Railway operations on Lake Eder railway section of Bad Wildungen to Korbach where the neighborhoods Waldeck, nets, Selbach, Sachsenhausen and Höringhausen lie, ceased on 27 May 1995. On the old route is now home to the cycle path ( Korbach - Waldeck - lovers ).

The Waldecker mountain railway connects the lift that the Lake Eder shore with the Schlossberg. The 650 -meter-long cable car overcomes a height difference of 120 meters.

In Waldeck- West is the main pier, a boat trip on Lake Eder, which offers a round trip transportation between the piers Waldeck- West, Eder - dam, Scheid Peninsula, Bringhausen, Asel and Herzhausen with two modern Fagrgastschiffen.

Public institutions

  • City Council and City Library in the Sachsenhausen district
  • Council Tourism Office of the City Waldeck in the core city Waldeck
  • Kindergartens ( Freienhagen, Höringhausen, nets, Sachsenhausen, Waldeck )


  • 4 primary schools ( Freienhagen, Höringhausen, Sachsenhausen, Waldeck )
  • Mittelpunktschule Sachsenhausen funding level and high-school branch


  • Charlotte Teske ( born November 23, 1949), Sachsenhausen, long-distance runner