Charlotte Teske

Charlotte Teske (born Bernhard, born November 23, 1949 in Waldeck- Sachsenhausen) is a former German long-distance runner.

Your first national title they won in 1977 Cross Country ( more in this discipline followed 1982, 1983, 1986 and 1987). In the same year she worked with 16:13,4 min over 5000 meters on her first German record, the 1979 15:36,9 min another over the same distance and with 33:57,1 min of a 10,000 m followed. In 1980, she turned to the road race and won the Darmstadt city run and the Zurich New Year's run. She was in 2:38:04 h German Vice-Champion in the marathon after they had just undercut as the third German runner with 2:38:14 hours, the 2:40 hour mark.

The following year she was German champion in 25 -kilometer road race, German Marathon Champion with the German personal best of 2:33:13 h, second in the marathon European Cup and won a marathon in Columbus (Ohio ) in 2:35:15 h. Moreover, she won the Kassel City run in which 1983 and 1986 was able to repeat their success.

In 1982, she remained in a marathon in Miami as the first German woman with 2:29:02 hours with the two and a half hour mark. Barely three months later was slower h at her win the Boston Marathon with 2:29:33 Shortly before they had won in the Paderborn Easter Run on the 10 - km route. In the summer they improved the German records over 5000 and 10,000 meters at 15:19,54 min or 32:33,1 min. The European Athletics Championships in Athens, where she was merely Twelfth were to disappointment - apparently weakened by a three days later -onset angina. Much better then it ran at the New York City Marathon, in which she finished third in 2:31:53 h.

In 1983, she was second in the Osaka Women's Marathon, won the national title over 25 km, improved as the winner of the Frankfurt Marathon their record to 2:28:32 h and was with the national best time of 32:13,85 min German champion over 10,000 meters ( a title she defended in 1984 and 1985 ). In a marathon, the World Athletics Championships in 1983 she gave up; shortly thereafter improved their 10,000 -meter record at 32:00,26 min. At the end of the season they again won the Zurich New Year's run.

In 1984, she repeated her victory at the Frankfurt Marathon. An inflammation of the sciatic nerve, they disabled the marathon of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, where she arrived on the 16th in 2:35:56 h. When Avon marathon in Paris, she was third.

In 1985, she was again as overall runner of the Frankfurt Marathon Marathon champion German. Also about 25 km they took another title. In 1986, she presented at the Berlin Marathon with 2:32:10 h a course record. In 1987 he moved to a victory in the 10 km of the Paderborn Easter Run a course record with 2:31:49 hours at the Hamburg Marathon. The following year, they improved it to 2:30:23 h and picked up at the same time their third national title Meier on the 42,195 -km distance.

In 1989 she finished ninth in the London Marathon in 2:32:34 h This was almost two decades valid German Senior Best Performance in Marathon the age group W40 until this October 5, 2008 in Cologne by Luminita Zaituc at 2:30:00 h have been improved. At the conclusion of their performance athletic career turned Charlotte Teske at Munich Marathon 1990 2:33:12 h a course record.

The 1.67 m wide and 55 -kg athlete competed for the ASC Darmstadt. When the ASC organized Darmstadt city run, it is the record winner with six hits. In 1970 she married the middle distance Dieter Teske ( born December 8, 1942), who trained them, and from which it is now divorced. Now the studied pediatric nurse lives as naturopath in Darmstadt.


  • 800 m: 2:07,5 min, 2nd July 1977 Kassel
  • 1500 m: 4:14,38 min, June 13, 1981, Bielefeld
  • 3000 m: 8:58,05 min, August 31, 1983 Koblenz
  • 5000 m: 15:19,54 min, June 26, 1982, Oslo
  • 10,000 m: 32:00,26 min, September 4, 1983 Knarvik
  • 25 km: 1:25:44 h, April 4, 1981 Neumünster
  • Marathon: 2:28:32 h, May 15, 1983 Frankfurt am Main

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