The Frankfurt Marathon (official name until 2010: Commerzbank Frankfurt Marathon since 2011: BMW Frankfurt Marathon ) is a marathon, which takes place annually in Frankfurt am Main since 1981. It is the oldest city marathon in Germany and in terms of Finisherzahl the second largest marathon in Germany. Organizer is the agency motion events.


Five years after the first New York City Marathon the time in Germany was ripe for marathons in the inner cities. In Frankfurt, the OSC Hoechst 1960 eV made ​​on 17 May 1981 beginning with the Hoechst AG as titelgebendem sponsor. In the same year the Berlin Marathon and the Rhine- Ruhr Marathon followed.

Although the number of finishers of 2588 rose to 7297 in 1985 in the first year, Hoechst withdrew. 1986 therefore fell out of the marathon. In 1987, the city of Frankfurt as an organizer with the Athletics Department of Eintracht Frankfurt as an athletic host the run back to life. The event date was moved to October, new start and end destination was the exhibition grounds.


The start is at the Friedrich -Ebert-Anlage at the Trade Fair Tower. On the Republic Square, the route turns left into Mainzer Landstraße. After a circumnavigation of the Taunus system it goes back to the start area and the Bockenheimer waiting and then the buck Landstraße the Alte Oper. About the Reuterweg and Bremer Straße one runs north to the University's Campus Westend Frankfurt and returns via the Escher Landstraße and the Bockenheimer system back to Opera Square. About Junghofstraße you get to the horse market, then passes through the stock market and reach the Eschenheim goal. Passing the Eschenheim tower it comes at the Frankfurt plant ring to Friedberger Tor, where you turn south and passes through the old bridge to Sachsenhausen on the left side of the Main river. Parallel to the Main it is now westward in the districts Niederrad and Swan home. After only significant increase in the distance on the Schwanheimer bridge it goes back to the right bank of the Main, and the westernmost point of the route in the maximum Bolongaropalast. About Nied now head east on the Mainzer Landstrasse back into the city center. At 34 km you will reach the Gallus waiting, and two miles further, they had again arrived at the Old Opera House. In a round about Taunusstraße and Kaiser Road Taunusanlage will happen again, and again it's all about the Roßmarkt to Eschenheim system. Of these the last three km run at the Alte Oper along directly on the Republic Square in the Festhalle, where for a red carpet runner is designed.

Unofficial emblem of the route is the Hammering Man at those " man with the hammer " recalls the start and finish area of the marathon runner who haunts the runners with a bonk.


Track records

  • Men: 2:03:42 h, Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich (KEN ), 2011
  • Women: 2:21:01 h, Meselech Melkamu (ETH ), 2012

Finisher 2013

List of winners

Sources: ARRS,, Runner's World

User stats

Number of runners who crossed the finish line ( " finisher " ):

  • 2000 participants: 7548
  • 2001 participants: 8799
  • 2002 participants: 7239
  • 2003 participants: 7098
  • 2004 participants: 8295
  • 2005 participants: 8858
  • 2006 participants: 8907
  • 2007 Participants: 9164
  • 2008 participants: 9470
  • 2009 Participants: 9500
  • 2010 Participants: 9558
  • 2011 Participants: 12.438 *
  • 2012 Participants: 10,882
  • 2013 Participants: 11,009

* (Finisher - record )