Werner Lampe

Werner lamp ( born November 30, 1952 in Hannover ) is a former German swimmer who started out as a crawl, dolphin and back specialist for the Federal Republic of Germany. He won medals at the Olympic Games and has been with the squadron world and European champions. Werner lamp swam at the Olympic Games in Munich as the first swimmer in the world with a bald head, in order to still be a few hundredths of a second faster. After his swimming career, he became an entrepreneur and franchisee.


Werner lamp is married and has two sons. He lives in Taught - Arpke near Hanover. He is the younger brother of the equally successful butterfly swimmer Hans Lampe. His son Oliver lamp began in 1996 at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in part.

Between 1969 and 1976, Werner lamp participated in national and international swimming competitions and the Olympics. Today lamp has five branches of franchise fast food chain McDonald's in Celle, Taught at Hannover, Peine, Gifhorn and mountains. In parallel to his business activities, he received his doctorate in 2005 for Dr. phil. and has worked as a motivational speaker.

Sporting successes

Werner lamp won at the German Swimming Championship 1969 title over 200 meters freestyle, 400 meter freestyle and 1500m freestyle. This triple victory he repeated in 1970, 1971 and 1973. 1975 and 1976 he won the 400 - meter track and the 1500 - meter course, in 1972 and 1974, he won only about 400 meters, on this track, he won eight league titles in a row.

At the European Championships 1970 in Barcelona lamp won the silver medal over 1500 meters freestyle behind Hans Fassnacht. With the 4x200 -meter freestyle relay team both won gold together.

At the 1972 Olympics in Munich lamp came in the final of the 200 meters freestyle with a shaved head in to offer less resistance in the water, and won the bronze medal. Lamp was so visually as opposed to Mark Spitz, who won seven gold medals in Munich, although he competed with a mustache. Lamp finished third in the final of the 400 meters freestyle in seventh place. After a sixth place in the 4x100 -meter freestyle relay, the 4x200 -meter freestyle relay won in the cast Klaus Steinbach, Werner lamp, Hans -Günther Vosseler and Hans Fassnacht silver behind the Americans with Mark Spitz.

In 1973, the first World Swimming Championship was held in Belgrade. The German 4x200 - meter relay team won in the cast Klaus Steinbach, Werner lamp, cam and Peter Folkert Meeuw the bronze medal behind the Americans and the Australians. The European Swimming Championship 1974 in Vienna, the 4x200 - meter relay team won gold.

In the World Swimming Championships in 1975 in Cali again dominated the Americans. Your 4x200 - meter relay team was disqualified and the squadron from the Federal Republic won in the cast Klaus Steinbach, Werner lamp, Hans -Joachim Geisler and Peter cam gold. 1976 lamp was eliminated over 200 meters and 400 meters in the flow at the Olympic Games in Montreal. The 4x200 - meter relay team entered in the order in Steinbach, cam, lamp and Geisler. The last British swimmer Brian Brinkley took Geisler from three and a half seconds and secured the British with 0.16 seconds ahead of the bronze medal from the German world champions.

Werner lamp launched until 1972 for swimming and sports friends Bonn in 1905, where he was coached by Gerhard Hetz. Then he moved to SV Würzburg 05 and trained under Reiner Siewert.