Peter Nocke

Peter cam ( born October 25, 1955 in Langenberg ) is a former German swimmers, European Champion (9- fold) and world champion.

As a member of the water Wuppertal friends he was trained by Heinz Hoffmann and Ernst -Joachim Küppers. In 1973, his breakthrough as a swimming athlete. From 1974 to 1977 he dominated his German and European opponents in the 100 and 200 m freestyle, where he was distinguished by its elegant swimming style, which allowed him to catch up after a mediocre start and then to defeat the competitors in the final meters for victory. He was German champion and won each on these routes, without ever being beaten, eight individual titles; a 9th individual title he secured in 1977, when he also triumphed in the 400m freestyle.

Invictus he also ended the European Championships in Vienna in 1974 and Jönköping in 1977, when he defeated the entire competition both 100 m and 200 m freestyle. Along with the successes in the season he won nine European Cup victories and a world championship ( 4x200 -meter freestyle relay ). In his great individual successes he defeated among others his greatest rival Klaus Steinbach ( regularly beaten at the German Championships and the European Championships 1974 200m freestyle by Peter cam and referenced 2nd place), Vladimir Bure ( respectively at the European Championships in 1974 and 1977 by the winner Peter cam about 100 m freestyle in the fight for the title conquered ), Andrei Krylov ( at the European Championships 1977 200m freestyle by Peter cam defeated ), Marcello Guarducci, Werner lamp and Frank If man ( in the German Championships 1977 on 400m freestyle overpowered by Peter cam with his last strength ).

Only at World Championships and Olympic Games, he had to bow to the stronger U.S. Americans and beaten, which he wore at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal after all, the bronze in the 100 m freestyle ( behind James Montgomery and Jack Babashoff, but before Klaus Steinbach and Vladimir Bure ) fought and won at the World Championships in Cali (1975 ) with the 4x200 -meter freestyle relay victory and title when the Americans were disqualified.

Also at the Masters ( swimming seniors), he won many victories in German Championships and European Championships. At the Masters European Championships in Palma de Mallorca in 2001 triumphed Peter cam with four individual gold medals over 100m butterfly and 100m freestyle ( he beat in each case the Germans Peter Kauch ), about 50 m butterfly ( he defeated while the British Simon Veale ) and 50 m freestyle ( he beat it to the Russians Nikolai Chibarev ). At the German Championships 2007 in Regensburg, he won again, defeating the 50 m freestyle and the butterfly all enemies in the age group 50, where he particularly Ernst Denzer and Herbert Lindacher defeated after a hard fight.

It is connected to the swimming also in the promotion of talent still and lives in Wuppertal.

Peter cam was in his playing days 1.89 meters tall.