Westminster is the historic core of London Borough of City of Westminster, in which is located the Parliament of the United Kingdom at the Palace of Westminster. Westminster was founded in the 7th century by a arisen at that time the monastery.

Often Westminster is used as a term for Parliament and the political center of government of the United Kingdom, as the Palace of Westminster and all major government institutions continue to have its headquarters there. The term Westminster is also a name for the Westminster system. This refers to the parliamentary model of democratic government. It originated in the UK, is so similar but also applied in many other countries. Reinforced widespread it is in the Commonwealth of Nations and other parts of the former British Empire.


Originally called the name of the area around Westminster Abbey, which is the seat of the government of England for a thousand years. Furthermore, it refers to the City of Westminster, which is larger in area and belong to the since 1965 and the former suburbs of St. Marylebone and Paddington. Thorney Iceland forms the historical part of the district, was built at the Westminster Abbey, which is still traditional coronation site of the British Monarchy. The Palace of Westminster was nearby after the conquest by the Normans in 1066 the headquarters of the English kings. He later became the seat of Parliament and the Royal Courts of Justice ( Royal Courts of Justice ). These are now at the very end of Westminster, adjacent to the City of London.

Although the monarchy was represented within the City of London by the Tower of London, the King did not resided in this completely unacceptable for him part of the city, where many people lived in appalling living conditions and poverty. Over time, two centers in London, an economic in the City of London, as well as a political and cultural in Westminster developed. This classification has been preserved until today. In later years the British monarchy moved its headquarters to other parts of the city. The parliament meets in the Palace of Westminster, and most ministries are located in Whitehall.

Today Westminster also includes large residential areas whose residents mainly belong to the traditional London working class and live in social housing.


Near the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey is Westminster School, one of the most important private schools in England. Three of the four campuses of the University of Westminster are within the City of Westminster, although not in the historic part of town.