William Vollie Alexander, Jr.

Vollie William "Bill" Alexander Jr. ( born January 16, 1934 in Memphis, Tennessee ) is an American politician of the Democratic Party.

Alexander attended until 1951 the High School in Osceola, and then studied at the University of Arkansas. At Rhodes College in Memphis in 1957, he received his Bachelor of Arts (BA). He studied law, he graduated in 1960 at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. From 1969 to 1993 Alexander was for the Democratic Party Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives and represented there the first Congress constituency of Arkansas. He was most recently Deputy Whip of the Democratic Party. He had won against Republican Guy Newcomb the constituency and went out most of the following elections in which then clearly given by the Democrats in each electoral district by a large margin ( voting share: 65%) against the opposition candidate as the winner. After that, he was not nominated by his party for another candidacy. Today Alexander lives in Osceola.