Lewis P. Featherstone

Lewis Porter Featherstone ( born July 28, 1851 in Oxford, Mississippi, † March 14, 1922 in Longview, Texas ) was an American politician. Between 1890 and 1891 he represented the first electoral district of the state of Arkansas in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Lewis Featherstone attended the schools of his home and studied at the Faculty of Law, Cumberland University in Lebanon (Tennessee ) Jura thereafter. He then worked in the Shelby County in Tennessee as a planter. After moving into the St. Francis County, Arkansas, he was there engaged in this profession. Politically, he joined a movement called the Agricultural Wheel, which represented the interests of farmers and then merged with the United States Labor Party.

In the congressional elections of 1888 the Democrat William H. Cate against Featherstone was in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC been selected. Featherstone appealed against this choice a complaint. Its appeal was upheld, he could right in the middle of the legislature, on March 5, 1890, to take his seat in Congress and end his term until March 3, 1891. In the elections of 1890 he was nominated by the Labor Party for another legislative session, but was defeated Cate, who thus lost its 1890 mandate won back again.

After his time in Congress Featherstone went into the railway business. In Texas, he also dealt with the iron processing. During the Spanish- American War he was captain of a volunteer unit. He died in March 1922 in Longview and was buried in San Antonio.