Wu Jia-qing

  • 8-Ball World Cup: Victory (2005)
  • 9-Ball World Cup: Victory (2005)
  • 10-Ball Championship: Finalist (2008)
  • WPM: semi-finalist (2006)

Wu Chia -Ching Wu and Jia- Qing (Chinese吴 珈 庆; born February 9, 1989 in Taiwan) is a professional pool player.


In 2005 he won with only 16 years and 5 months ( and thus as far the youngest player ever) the world championship in 9- ball in the final against his compatriot Kuo Po - Cheng.

A short time later, he won the world championship in the 8- ball in the final against the Dutchman Nick van den Berg in the same year.

He is thus far the only one who won both world championships in the same year (although the 8-Ball Championship and first since 2004, will take place ). In 2006 he won the All Japan Open again a bigger tournament and was eliminated in the 2006 9 -Ball Championships only in the quarter -finals to eventual winners Ronato Alcano. At the World Pool Masters 2006, he made ​​it to the semi-finals.

In 2008 he reached the final of the first official World Championships in 10-Ball, lost the final but Darren Appleton with 11:13.


In 2011, Wu to the citizenship of the People's Republic of China. In the course of this he changed the spelling of his name by Wu Chia -Ching Wu Jia- Qing. Wu since 2010 lives in the People's Republic, first in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, now in the capital Beijing.

According to Wu, this was done from sporting and not for political reasons. In 2009, Wu was considering another citizenship - that of Singapore - to accept and had then with the national federation disputes. So it was that he barely was able to participate in tournaments between 2009 and 2011.

According to media reports, he is still a citizen of Taiwan, which obliged him to military service when he returns to the territory of Taiwan.