The Wuchiapingium (less often Wujiapingium ) is in the Earth's lower chronostratigraphic stage of the Late Permian or Lopingium. In absolute terms ( geochronological ) the stage covers roughly from the period of about 259.9 to about 254.2 million years. The Wuchiapingium following the Capitanium and is detached from the Changhsingium.

Naming and history

The name of the stage goes to Sheng (1962 ), who divided the Lopingium in two formations: the Wuchiaping and in the Changhsing lineup. Kanmera and Nakazawa (1973 ) have then defined the Wuchiapingium to a chronostratigraphic unit. 2004 Wuchiapingium of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS ) and the International Union of Geological Sciences ( IUGS ​​) was adopted as global chronostratigraphic stage and ratified.

Definition and GSSP

The base of Wuchiapingiums is defined by the first appearance of the conodont species Clarkina postbitteri postbitteri. The end of the stage is marked by the first appearance of the conodont species Clarkina wangi. The reference profile ( GSSP ) of the Wuchiapingiums, the Penglaitan profile (Chinese蓬莱 滩 剖面) is located in Laibin in Guangxi Province in southern China.


The Wuchiapingium is divided into two ammonite zones:

  • Araxoceras zone
  • Roadoceras / Doulingoceras zone