Xinzhuang District

Xinzhuang (新 庄 区Chinese, Pinyin Xinzhuang Qū, PEH oē - jī Sin - chng Khu ) is a district of the city of New Taipei City in northern Taiwan, Republic of China. Covering an area of ​​19.74 km ² lived 2013 409 629 people in November. This Xinzhuang was the district with the third largest population in New Taipei City and was also one of the municipalities with the highest population density. Until the founding of the city of New Taipei Xinzhuang was an independent city of the district of Taipei.

Location and meaning

Located on the Dahan River, a major tributary of the Tamsui River district is bordered to the north by the neighboring districts and Taishan Wugu, on the east by the district Sanchong, to the south by the districts of Banqiao and Shulin and to the west by the Taoyuan County.

The district is connected to the metro network of Taipei and is home to the Catholic Fu -Jen University.

In the district lies the Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium.

Thanks to its favorable location on the Dahan River with its connection to the boat traffic on the Tamsui River flourished in Xinzhuang since the 18th century trade and commerce and the place became a germ cell of the developing metropolitan Taipei. The diminishing importance of Tamsui as a waterway and the construction of a railway line in the neighboring Banqiao led to the beginning of Japanese rule over Taiwan to a temporary weakening of the economic importance Xinzhuangs. As industrialization of Taiwan enterprises settled in Xinzhuang, which agricultural products from the surrounding villages industrially processed simultaneously benefited the place of the fast growth of the metropolis Taipei, Xinzhuang so again today is one of the economically most important districts in the Greater Taipei.