Xiping County

Circle Xiping (Chinese西平县/西平县, Pinyin Xiping Xian) is a county in Henan Province of the People's Republic of China, which belongs to the administrative territory of the prefecture-level city of Zhumadian. Xiping has an area of ​​1089.77 km ² and has 830,000 inhabitants.

The site of the molten iron from Jiudian (Chinese酒店 冶铁 遗址, Pinyin Jiǔdiàn yětiě yízhǐ ) from the time of the Warring States Period to Jin Dynasty and the Pagoda of Baoyan Temple (Chinese宝 严 寺塔, pinyin sì Bǎoyán tǎ ) from the time the Tang Dynasty are on the list of monuments of the people's Republic of China since 1996 and 2006 respectively.