Zybułtowo ( German Seewalde ) is a village in the southwest of the Polish Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. It belongs to the rural community of Grunwald ( green field ), headquartered in Gierzwald ( Geierswalde ) in Ostródzki powiat (district of Osterode ).

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Geographical location

Zybułtowo situated on the River Marózka southeast of the county town Ostróda ( Osterode ) to the voivodeship 537 of Lubawa ( Lobau ) about Frygnowo ( Frögenau ) and Stębark ( Tannenberg ) after Pawłowo ( Paulsgut ) south of Olsztynek ( Hohenstein ) leads. A rail link no longer exists. By 1945, the neighboring village Mielno (mills ) was the next station on the railway line from Ostróda ( Osterode ) to Olsztynek ( Hohenstein ), which is shut down. Zybułtowo is just a few kilometers northeast of the theaters of war the battle of Tannenberg (1410 ) (Polish: Bitwa pod Grunwaldem ) and the Battle of Tannenberg (1914 ) ( Bitwa pod Tannenbergiem ).


In the Order of Time in 1336 called the 1945 Seewalde place received the Tangible. On May 7, 1874 Seewalde was with his great good seat and the eponymous site of a newly constructed office district, which existed until 1945 and to the district of Osterode in East Prussia in the district of Königsberg ( from 1905 the administrative district of Olsztyn ) of the Prussian province of East Prussia belonged.

In Gutsbezirk Seewalde with its local Weissenberg and linden wood total of 358 inhabitants were counted in 1910. Their number increased to 1933 to 406 in 1939 and amounted to 375

In consequence of the Second World War Seewalde came with the southern East Prussia to Poland and received the Polish name " Zybułty ". It is today a district of the rural community base forest in powiat Ostrodzki in the Warmia and Mazury ( Olsztyn Voivodeship 1975-1998 ).

District Seewalde (1874-1945)

For District Sewalde initially included nine rural communities (LG ) or estate districts ( GB):

Even before 1931, the rural community of Neudorf was (Polish: Nowa Wies Ostródzka ) incorporated in the District Seewalde. Due to the restructuring were on 1 January 1945, five municipalities to the Official District: lazy, large arcades, mills, Neudorf and Seewalde.


Before 1945, the population was almost exclusively maritime forest Protestant denomination. The estate village was in the parish mill Tannenberg (Polish: Mielno Stębark ) eingepfarrt with the headquarters in mills. It belonged to Superintendenturbezirk Hohenstein ( Olsztynek ) in the church district of Osterode ( Ostróda ) within the Ecclesiastical Province of East Prussia the Church of the Old Prussian Union.

Today, the population of Zybułtowos is largely Catholic. The reference of the place to the Church of the present Mielno (mills ) remained, but today this is the parish church in Stębark ( Tannenberg ), and is part of the deanery Grunwald ( green field ) in the Archdiocese of Warmia of the Catholic Church in Poland. Here surviving Protestant church members now belong to the Church in Olsztynek ( Hohenstein ), a branch church of Olsztyn ( Olsztyn ) in the Diocese of the Evangelical - Augsburg Church Mazury in Poland.