1896 ICA Track Cycling World Championships

The web - Cycling World Championships 1896 took place from August 15 to 17 in Ordrup in Copenhagen. Was hosted by the " International Cyclists Association ", a predecessor organization of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI ). 120 racers were at the start.

Four races were held, two amateurs and two for professional drivers. As disciplines were airmen race, Sprint today, over 1 mile and pacemaker race over 100km ( behind non-motorized multi- seater pacemakers, so-called trip - and quadruplet ) on the program.

When stayer race of the professionals, the Danish royal family was on site. Reported the cycling world, " Chase ends in the best condition 100 miles and it is presented to the king, this asks if the winner is tired, which answered this with a firm 'No'. "



Pictures of 1896 ICA Track Cycling World Championships