2013 UCI Track Cycling World Championships

The 103 UCI Track World Championships were held until February 24, 2013 in Minsk, Belarus on 20.

Venue for the World Championships was inaugurated in 2008, the Minsk - Arena, the Velodrome was designed by the architect Ralph Schuermann Münster. There were 2009 already track European Championships Junior instead.

At the start, around 190 athletes from 35 nations. Dominant nation in the world championships, the UK was that the score with a total of nine medals including five gold, beating off, followed by Germany with a total of eight medals. Thus, there were German cyclist for the crew of the most successful German track world championships in 13 years.

Best athlete of the entire world championships was the Briton Rebecca James with two gold and two bronze medals. Behind each followed with two gold medals of the German Stefan Boetticher, the Australian Michael Hepburn and the US- American Sarah Hammer. Thus Boetticher was the best male German athlete, best German Kristina Vogel was with a gold and a silver medal; the success of another medal was denied her because she fell in the final round of the keirin. The Austrian Andreas Müller, one of two representatives of his federation, won a silver medal in the scratch and thus the only medal for his association. The only medal for Switzerland won Stefan Küng in the individual pursuit.

A stir the particular performance of the Irish Martyn Irvine, vice - world champion in the individual pursuit and world champion in scratch made ​​was. Both races took place within one hour; 20 minutes after the ceremony in the individual pursuit Irvine launched successfully in Scratch. He is the first male athlete from Ireland for 116 years, which won medals in track cycling.

  • 4.1 Germany
  • 4.2 Switzerland
  • 4.3 Austria





Team Sprint

Time trial

Individual pursuit

Team Pursuit


Points race


Two - team approach ( Madison )

Medal Tally



Kristina Vogel, Miriam Welte

Lisa Brennauer, Mieke Kröger, Stephanie Pohl, Elke Gebhardt ( replacement)

Stefan Boetticher, Joachim Eilers, René Enders, Eric Engler, Robert Förstemann, Maximilian Levy, Tobias Wächter

Maximilian Beyer, Henning Bommel, Lucas Liss, Theo Reinhardt, Kersten Thiele


Silvan Dillier, Stefan Küng, Tristan Marguet, Loïc Perizzolo, Cyrille Thiery


Andreas Graf, Andreas Müller