Omnium ( from Latin: everything, the whole thing = more fighting) means a sporting competition in track cycling, which is composed of six different short-term and endurance events.

  • 3.1 Men
  • 3.2 Women


An Omnium is extended at continental and world championships. Since 2012, the Omnium is also part of the Olympic program. Because of this and for the introduction of other Olympic women's competitions the individual pursuit, the points race and the two - team driving has been removed, was increased to compensate for the benefit of endurance riders the excretion driving part of the Omniums, and the distances of the original sub-disciplines. The old competition format was the last time at the World Championships in 2010.

The Omnium consists of the following sub-disciplines:

  • 250 m flying (50 m longer than the qualification in the sprint )
  • Points race ( men 30 km, women 20 km, 15 km Junior, Junior Women 10 km)
  • Excretion driving
  • Individual pursuit ( men 4 km, women and juniors 3 km, Juniors 2 km)
  • Scratch ( men 15 km, women and juniors 10 km, Juniors 5 km)
  • Time trial (men's 1000m, Women 500 m)

In every part of competition points will be awarded according to the rank achieved. The winner is the rider with the lowest overall score. In case of a tie, the lowest total time counts calculated from the three time trial competitions ( 250 m flying, individual pursuit, 1000m/500m-Zeitfahren ).

An Omnium competition, but according to unofficial rules, was discharged, for example, until 2008 when the annual " Great Christmas Prize" at the Dortmund Westfalenhalle.

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