1987 World Touring Car Championship season

The World Touring Car Championship 1987 was the first World Touring Car Championship. It emerged from the former European Touring Car Championship, but was only played once. The championship began on 22 March and ended on November 15, 1987 after a total of 11 races. The winner was the Italian BMW M3 driver Roberto Ravaglia from the Schnitzer Motorsport team with one point ahead of the tied German Ford drivers Klaus Ludwig and Klaus Niedzwiedz. Already after one, overshadowed by various disqualifications season, the series was demoted back to a European Championship.

At the actual championship participated 15 vehicles, the manufacturer BMW ( 4), Alfa Romeo (7) Ford (3) and Maserati (1). The other starters were given points or prize money. The races each went with a driver change over 500 km.

Already in the first race, the works Ford were initially disqualified for an illegal electronics. After the race, then you were also the BMW that had previously dominated the race disqualified. Here, the sub- soil was too thin. Alfa Romeo withdrew after the race at Silverstone from the series back. Who had previously celebrated a double victory - - At the race in the Australian Bathurst Ford were disqualified for illegal modifications in the area of the rear wheels. From these races some factory support vehicles manufactured in Australia by Holden took part in the championship, although they were competitive, but not punkteberechtig. The lone Maserati, however, was never competitive, ever accumulated in the season only six vehicles points, including four BMW and two Ford

The only eleven drivers ( 30 points guardian) that actually brought it on points, were: Roberto Ravaglia (269 ), Klaus Ludwig *, Klaus Niedzwiedz * ( per 268), Emanuele Pirro (244 ), Pierre Dieudonné * ( 193) Steve Soper * (193 ), Olivier Grouillard (164 ), Johnny Cecotto, Gianfranco Brancatelli ( per 158 ), Roland Ratzenberger (146) and Luis Perez Sala (134). The four marked * drivers were for Ford at the start, the rest for BMW.


¹ In the race were awarded no points, although three of the Alfa Romeo and Maserati had come to the finish, but with many laps down.